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Tution Teacher Accused of Misconduct and Threats in Vasai

Unveiling a disturbing incident in Vasai, a special tution teacher faces serious allegations of misconduct and intimidation towards a young student. The accused, Jaydeep Makwana, is now the subject of a police investigation under the POCSO Act. The victim’s family, supported by the community, courageously filed a complaint, sparking concerns about the safety of students in special classes. This revelation prompts a call for stricter measures to safeguard children and a renewed focus on creating a secure environment for special education.

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Notorious Criminal Vijay Salvi Arrested In Land Grabbing Case

Dive into the gripping Achole land grab saga as the notorious criminal Vijay Salvi faces justice. Uncover the twists and turns of this complex case, involving illegal buildings, forged documents, and connections to the underworld. Follow the unfolding investigation that aims to untangle the web of deception and deliver justice to the victims of this elaborate criminal enterprise.

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Unauthorized Firecracker Stalls In Vasai-Virar City, Police Crack Down

Unauthorized firecracker stalls create safety concerns in Vasai-Virar City as police crack down on approximately 20 vendors. With Diwali festivities underway, the surge in unregulated stalls prompts legal action to ensure public safety. Learn more about the ongoing crackdown and the authorities’ efforts to curb the risks associated with unauthorized firecracker sales.

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Vasai Man Poses as Builder, Cheats Prospective Buyers: Arrested by Police

Discover the shocking tale of Sumit Dubey, a 30-year-old man from Vasai, who posed as a builder to defraud prospective buyers in Maharashtra’s Palghar district. Learn how he used deceptive tactics, online advertising, and fake aliases, leaving victims in his wake. Find out how the community is calling for stricter regulations and justice in the aftermath of these alarming events.

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Rainy Night Robbery Foiled: Five Arrested for Attempting to Break Open ATMs in Vasai

A crime plot unfolding on a rain-soaked night in Vasai looked like it was straight out of a suspense thriller. However, the vigilance of surveillance cameras and the dedication of the Vasai police ensured that the story did not end with a successful heist. Instead, it culminated with the arrest of five individuals who now face legal consequences for their actions. This incident is a reminder of the importance of community safety and the tireless efforts of law enforcement in maintaining the peace and safety of the public.

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Top 10 Internet Service Providers In Vasai

Looking for the top 10 internet service providers in Vasai? Read our comprehensive article to learn about the best ISPs in the area, including Hathway, Jio Fiber, Airtel, Tata Sky Broadband, and more. Discover their benefits, features, and pricing plans to make an informed decision and choose the ISP that fits your needs.

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