In a heart-wrenching incident that has sent shockwaves through the community of Ambawadi, Nalasopara East, an illegal marriage hall, ‘Shadidotcom’, has been demolished following the tragic death of a laborer due to electrocution. The ill-fated event occurred while the laborer was installing lights on a coconut tree inside the premises. This shocking occurrence led the landlord to secure a court order for the structure’s immediate demolition, which was executed under the watchful eye of a police presence.

The unraveling of this illegal marriage hall’s dark secrets has sent ripples through the local community. Not only did it operate without proper authorization, but it was also siphoning electricity illicitly, a fact that the owners, Pradeep Singh and his wife Shobhana, desperately wanted to keep hidden. In an attempt to conceal the truth about the unlicensed establishment, they initially falsely claimed that the unfortunate laborer had met his demise in an open field in Vasai.

The tragedy unfolded on September 14th at approximately 8:30 pm, leading to a criminal case being filed against the Singhs for causing death due to negligence and destroying evidence. An officer from Tulinj police station revealed, “As of now, no arrests have been made since the couple has applied for anticipatory bail.”

According to the police account, the victim, identified as Satyendra Mishra, 42 years old, was rushed to a hospital on the Nalasopara-Vasai Link Road immediately after being electrocuted. Regrettably, he was declared dead due to electrocution. “At that time, Singh informed the police that the incident had occurred in Vasai East. Subsequently, an accidental death report was registered at the Achole police station,” the officer added.

The victim’s body was subjected to an autopsy, after which it was handed over to his grieving family. Three days later, it was transported to his hometown in Uttar Pradesh. However, as the police continued their investigation, it became abundantly clear that Mishra’s death had occurred while he was in the act of installing lights inside the marriage hall and not in Vasai, as claimed by the Singhs. Inquiries within Vasai’s open areas confirmed that no such tragic event had taken place there.

The officer explained, “When we requested the CCTV footage from September 14th, Singh asserted that the marriage hall’s CCTV system was not operational at the time.” However, determined to uncover the truth, the police managed to procure the recordings from a neighboring housing society.

Upon reviewing the footage, a chilling revelation emerged: it depicted several individuals carrying Mishra to a nearby clinic, and three of them were later questioned. Their statements corroborated the harrowing truth that Mishra had indeed suffered electrocution while engaged in the electrical work within the marriage hall. Further evidence emerged from Mishra’s call data records, which indicated that he had not ventured to Vasai on that fateful day.

Consequently, the police took decisive action, registering a case of death due to negligence against Singh and his wife. Interestingly, a few months prior to this heart-wrenching incident, local residents had reached out to the electricity distribution company, urging them to sever the illicit electricity supply powering the unlicensed marriage hall. In response, the Maharashtra State Electricity Board issued notices to the marriage hall for their malfunctioning meters.

Additionally, the landowner of the premises took legal action, petitioning the court to have the land reclaimed. He alleged that Singh had illegally seized his land to construct the marriage hall. Speaking anonymously, the landowner shared, “For ten long years, the marriage hall operated without paying us any rent.”

The tragic incident has not only exposed the illegal activities associated with ‘Shadidotcom’ but has also raised critical questions about the oversight and regulation of such establishments. Communities and authorities alike are now grappling with the urgent need for stricter monitoring and enforcement of safety standards to prevent such devastating incidents in the future.

Local residents, still reeling from the shock of the electrocution incident, have voiced their concerns and are demanding accountability from the authorities responsible for permitting such illegal operations to persist unchecked. They argue that such tragedies could have been averted if stricter regulations and enforcement had been in place.

One resident, who wished to remain anonymous, expressed his distress over the incident, saying, “We always knew that this marriage hall was operating without the necessary permits and had been stealing electricity for years. It’s a shame that it took a tragic loss of life for the authorities to finally take action.”

The death of Satyendra Mishra has cast a somber shadow over the Nalasopara community, with many questioning how such an illegal establishment could thrive for a decade without facing any legal consequences. The fact that the tragedy could have been prevented with better oversight and enforcement has fueled the demand for more stringent regulations governing the operation of marriage halls and event venues.

In response to mounting pressure from the community and local authorities, the city civil court swiftly issued an order for the demolition of the ‘Shadidotcom’ marriage hall. The demolition took place under the watchful eye of a police contingent, ensuring that it occurred without any untoward incidents.

Local authorities have vowed to intensify their efforts to identify and shut down illegal establishments operating in the region, in a bid to prevent further such tragedies. In light of the incident, the Maharashtra State Electricity Board has also pledged to take a more proactive stance in addressing electricity theft, urging residents to report any suspicious activity.

As the Nalasopara community grapples with grief and anger over the loss of Satyendra Mishra, they are also coming together to demand justice and accountability. The incident has exposed a systemic failure in monitoring and regulating illegal structures and has sparked a renewed commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of all residents.

While the legal proceedings against the owners of ‘Shadidotcom’ continue, the tragic death of Satyendra Mishra serves as a stark reminder of the importance of robust oversight and enforcement of safety standards in all establishments, especially those that host large gatherings and events. It is a solemn lesson that the Nalasopara community, and indeed communities across the nation, will not soon forget.