In a recent development in the Vasai Virar city police force, three new police officers have been appointed, leading to reshuffling in the existing police units. Sanjay Hazare has been appointed as the Senior Police Inspector in Mandvi, Vijay Patil in Arnala Sagari, and Raju Mane as the Senior Police Inspector in Manikpur police station. This move comes as part of the regular rotation and transfer of police officers after completing a two-year tenure.

The Vasai Virar Police Commissionerate, headquartered in Meera Bhayandar, oversees a total of 17 police stations. According to the regulations governing police appointments, officers who have completed their two-year term are subject to transfer. Accordingly, Mandvi, Manikpur, and Arnala Sagari police stations have witnessed changes in their senior police officials.

In Virar, Prafull Vagh, the Senior Police Inspector at Mandvi police station, has been granted approval for a transfer within the department. Similarly, Kalyanrao Karpe, the Senior Police Inspector at Arnala police station, has been reassigned as the Assistant Police Commissioner in Mumbai. The Senior Police Inspector at Manikpur police station, Sampatrao Patil, has been transferred to the Control Room.

The decision to make these transfers is in accordance with the amendments made to the Maharashtra Police Act of 1952, specifically under Section 22 (n) concerning additional police commissioner appointments. Shrikant Patil, the Additional Police Commissioner, issued the orders for these transfers based on the amendments.

In Mandvi police station, Sanjay Hazare will now assume the role of Senior Police Inspector. Hazare, who previously served in the Parvana branch, brings a wealth of experience to his new position. In Arnala Sagari police station, Vijay Patil, formerly associated with Pelhar police station, will now take charge as the Senior Police Inspector. Lastly, in Manikpur police station, Raju Mane, who was previously handling responsibilities in the Control Room, will now serve as the Senior Police Inspector.

These appointments are not only a routine part of the police department’s functioning but also contribute to the effective and strategic distribution of experienced officers across different units. The reshuffling aims to optimize the skills and expertise of officers in various roles, ultimately enhancing the overall efficiency of the police force.

In recent years, the Vasai Virar Police Commissionerate has seen a steady influx of new officers, and these appointments mark another step in the ongoing efforts to strengthen the city’s law enforcement. The leadership believes that such rotations help in preventing complacency and ensuring a dynamic and responsive police force.

The Maharashtra Police Act of 1952, a cornerstone of the state’s law enforcement framework, continues to guide the functioning of the police department. The recent amendments, particularly those related to additional police commissioner appointments, reflect a commitment to adaptability and effectiveness in the ever-evolving landscape of law enforcement.

As the three newly appointed Senior Police Inspectors take charge of their respective stations, the Vasai Virar city can anticipate a renewed focus on community safety and crime prevention. The police force remains dedicated to its mission of serving and protecting the residents of Vasai Virar, and these strategic appointments are a testament to their ongoing commitment to excellence in law enforcement.