After authorities busted an illegal and fake call center running in a beachfront farmhouse in Arnala, Virar West, in April, they inspected other sea-facing resorts and farmhouses in the area. As a result, four resorts were found to be running illegally and were recently demolished.

Tehsildar of Vasai, Avinash Koshti, stated that while checking the establishments, authorities discovered that the resorts were constructed on Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) land, violating Hazard and High tide lines. They served notices to the owners of the Arabian Sea View Cafe, Ocean Beach House, Cafe Sea and Sand, and Seacoast Farm Cafe in Navapur, Vasai, and Virar Coast, but when there was no response, the authorities demolished the establishments.

Koshti also added that hundreds of resorts and farmhouses in Vasai, Nalasoapra, and Virar coast are under the scanner, and surprise checks are being conducted jointly with the police. Private farmhouses in Arnala and other beachfronts are also being inspected, and tenants may face legal consequences depending on their agreements.

According to Rakesh Patil, who works for an NGO in Virar, there have been previous complaints about illegal structures and resorts functioning without licenses. However, the police and the government had done nothing, endangering the lives of many due to construction on the high tide line. Authorities continue to conduct combing operations and keep a close watch on farmhouses in the area.