In a surprising turn of events, unauthorized stalls selling firecrackers have mushroomed across Vasai-Virar City, raising concerns among authorities. In response, the police have launched a crackdown, filing charges against approximately 20 vendors on Tuesday.

During the Diwali season, obtaining specific permits and non-hazardous activity certificates is essential for selling fireworks. Additionally, sellers must adhere to fire safety regulations set by the fire department. The Vasai-Virar Municipal Corporation had issued permits to 205 firecracker vendors across nine zones. However, it seems that several vendors have set up shop without proper authorization, causing these stalls to spring up in various locations around the city.

These unauthorized stalls can be found on roadsides, sidewalks, and even on the edges of streets, posing a potential hazard to public safety. Some vendors, disregarding the need for permits, have set up stalls without considering the impact on traffic flow, contributing to congestion on several roads. This situation has raised concerns about potential accidents and the need for immediate action to ensure public safety.

To address this issue, the police have initiated measures against these unauthorized vendors. On Tuesday, a total of 20 vendors were charged for violating regulations. The police have taken a stern stance against these vendors, considering the potential risks associated with unregulated firecracker sales.

The violation of fire safety regulations and the establishment of stalls without proper permits are serious offenses under various legal provisions. Charges have been filed under Section 188, 283, 286 of the Explosive Substances Act, Section 9(b) of the Maharashtra Police Act of 1951, and Section 33, H-131 of the Maharashtra Fire Prevention and Life Safety Measures Act of 1984. Notably, police stations in Valiv, Tulsi, Manikpur, Naigaon, Vasai, Nayanagar, and Achole have reported three, two, one, five, two, four, and two cases respectively.

This crackdown comes as a response to the recent surge in unauthorized firecracker stalls in the city. On Monday, the Manikpur police station alone registered two cases against illegal vendors. The authorities are determined to curb this trend and maintain public safety during the festive season.

The sudden appearance of these stalls without proper authorization has also prompted concerns about potential accidents. With roads blocked and traffic disrupted, there is a pressing need for immediate action to mitigate these risks. The police are urging citizens to report any unauthorized firecracker stalls to prevent further hazards and maintain order in the city.

As the festive season continues, the police are expected to intensify their efforts to ensure that all vendors comply with safety regulations and obtain the necessary permits. The crackdown serves as a reminder that public safety is a top priority, and authorities will not hesitate to take strict action against those who violate regulations, putting the community at risk.