Vasai: In a significant display of collective power, women in Vasai have managed to get a village officer suspended after he allegedly harassed a woman in his office. The incident led to a strong protest in front of the Vasai Tehsil office, which prompted action from higher authorities.

The issue began when a woman from Vasai’s Vasai West area went to the village officer’s office in Vaslai village to get a mutation entry updated on the land records, known locally as the “7/12 extract,” after her father-in-law’s death. During the visit, the officer, Vilas Kare, allegedly made inappropriate advances and asked for a bribe in the form of a personal meeting. Shocked and frightened, the woman immediately went to the Vasai police station to file a complaint. However, Kare’s supporters tried to pressure her to withdraw the complaint.

News of the incident quickly spread, and activists from the “Mee Vasai Kar” campaign, including Milind Khanolkar, Advocate Sumit Dongre, and Sunil D’Silva, rushed to the police station to support the victim. Although a case of molestation was registered against Kare, he was not arrested immediately. Instead, he was questioned in the comfort of an air-conditioned room at the Babola police outpost, which further angered the community.

On Wednesday morning, outraged women from various sectors of Vasai gathered in front of the Tehsil office to protest against the police and revenue administration. The protest, led by prominent figures like Dominica Dabre, Kiran Chandavankar, Kalyani Patil, Veronica Rebello, Sita Jadhav, Rashmi Rao, Sadhana D’Cruze, and Veronica Dabre, drew a significant crowd. Political leaders from various parties also joined the protest to show their support.

Assistant Police Commissioner Padmaja Bade met with the protesters and assured them that efforts would be made to cancel Kare’s bail. This assurance came as a relief to the protesters, who demanded strict action against Kare and justice for the victim.

No Forgiveness for the Guilty: MLA Hitendra Thakur

The incident has stirred public sentiment in Vasai. Local MLA Hitendra Thakur has spoken out strongly against the act, emphasizing that such behavior will not be tolerated. Thakur asserted that Vasai, known for its civility and cultured community, will not stand for such obscene and shameful acts. He warned the revenue administration that there would be no forgiveness for wrongdoing.

Community Outrage and Support

The protest was a powerful demonstration of women’s strength and solidarity. The collective anger and demands for justice highlighted the community’s zero-tolerance stance on harassment and corruption. It also showcased the importance of community support in fighting against such injustices.

Women leaders and activists played a crucial role in organizing and leading the protest. Their leadership and determination were instrumental in ensuring that the issue received the necessary attention from authorities. The active involvement of political leaders also added weight to the protest, signaling a unified front against corruption and harassment.

Authorities Respond

Following the protest, Tehsildar Avinash Koshti sent a report to the District Collector recommending Kare’s suspension. The action was taken seriously, and ultimately, Kare was suspended from his duties. This decision was seen as a victory for the protesters and a step towards ensuring that such incidents are not repeated.

The police and revenue administration have promised to take strict actions to prevent any recurrence of such incidents. The community has made it clear that they will continue to fight against any form of harassment and corruption, ensuring a safe and respectful environment for all.


This incident in Vasai is a testament to the power of community action and the impact of collective voices in demanding justice. The suspension of Vilas Kare is not just a victory for the victim but a reminder that corruption and harassment will not be tolerated. The women of Vasai, through their protest, have shown that when united, they can bring about significant change and uphold the principles of justice and integrity in their community.