In a significant breakthrough, police from Pelhar’s Crime Detection Unit successfully apprehended a fugitive in Haryana who had been on the run after allegedly murdering his friend. Public Relations Officer Praveen Bangosavi announced on Wednesday that the accused was arrested following an intense investigation.

The case began on May 10, when the body of an unidentified young man was discovered in a decomposed state near the Sopara Junction on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad highway. Due to the advanced state of decomposition, identifying the victim proved challenging. Pelhar’s Crime Detection Unit immediately took up the investigation, searching for any clues that could help them solve the case.

A crucial lead came when police found a note in the deceased’s pocket, bearing the name “Essel.” This single clue was the starting point for the investigators. They began by searching for “Essel” online, which led them to various websites. One of these sites belonged to a studio in Mankhurd named Essel, which was known for providing junior artists for films. Officers visited the studio, showing the note to people there in hopes of finding someone who could identify the handwriting.

Their efforts paid off when a young woman recognized the handwriting on the note as belonging to Santoshkumar Yadav. Further investigation revealed that Yadav’s phone had been switched off since May 7. The woman also mentioned that on that day, Yadav had video called her, and during the call, she saw two young men with him named Sunny Singh and Rahul Pal.

Santoshkumar Yadav worked in the film industry, supplying models. He had recently secured a significant contract, which apparently angered his rivals, Sunny Singh and Rahul Pal. The two decided to eliminate him in a fit of jealousy and rage. On May 7, they lured Yadav by inviting him to a party to celebrate his new contract. After getting him heavily intoxicated, they killed him by smashing his head with a stone. They then disposed of his body near the highway, hoping it would remain undiscovered.

The investigation made headway on May 14, when the police managed to arrest Sunny Singh. Meanwhile, they gathered technical information on the fugitive, Rahul Pal. Following electronic leads, they tracked him to Jajaru village in Sector 58, Faridabad. Acting swiftly, a police team traveled to Haryana and set up a trap. On June 7, they successfully apprehended Rahul Pal, who is around 50 years old.

This successful operation was carried out under the guidance of Deputy Commissioner of Police Jayant Bhajbale and Assistant Commissioner of Police Bajrang Desai. The senior officers of Pelhar, including Senior Police Inspector Jitendra Vankoti, Crime Inspector Kumargaurav Dhadav, and Administrative Inspector Shakeel Sheikh, played pivotal roles in the investigation.

The Crime Detection Unit team that executed the arrest comprised Sub-Inspector Sopaan Patil, Police Sub-Inspector Tukaram Bhople, and several officers including Yogesh Deshmukh, Tanaji Chavan, Anil Shegar, Valmik Patil, Ravi Wankhede, Kiran Avhad, Mithun Mohite, Nikhil Mandlik, Sanjay Masaal, Rahul Karpe, Dildar Sheikh, Anil Sable, Sharad Rathod, Sujay Patil, Abhijit Nevare, Namdev Dhone, and Sohel Sheikh.

The teamwork and dedication of these officers led to the capture of the fugitive, bringing a sense of closure to the victim’s family and ensuring that justice is served. This case highlights the critical importance of thorough investigation, cooperation, and the relentless pursuit of justice by law enforcement agencies.