In an alarming incident that unfolded on Monday afternoon, Blooming Bud’s English High School located in Nalasopara East was gripped with fear as a bomb threat hoax disrupted normal operations. Students and staff were left in distress when school authorities received a phone call around 3:30 PM, alerting them to a potential bomb concealed within a student’s bag, with a chilling warning that it could detonate at any moment.

Promptly responding to the threat, school administrators swiftly halted ongoing classes and immediately contacted the Achole police. Law enforcement officers rushed to the school premises, establishing a secure perimeter to ensure the safety of all those present. The school, at the time, had approximately 800 students within its confines.

Throughout the evening until 10:00 PM, an exhaustive search operation was carried out by both canine units and bomb disposal teams, all of which yielded no evidence of any explosive device. Authorities have begun to suspect that the distressing phone call may have been a deliberate false alarm, designed to incite panic. An ongoing investigation seeks to identify the individual responsible for the menacing call.

According to police sources, the threat unfolded while regular classes were underway, prompting the school administration to receive an ominous call from an unidentified caller. Subsequently, local law enforcement, working in collaboration with the fire brigade, swiftly evacuated the premises, directing students to leave their bags behind.

Vinayak Narle, Assistant Commissioner of Police for the Tulinj area, recounted the response efforts: “In response to the situation, we promptly summoned the assistance of a specialized bomb detection and disposal unit from Palghar, as well as trained canine teams.” Interestingly, it was highlighted that no comparable bomb detection and disposal capabilities existed within the Vasai-Virar police force.

In the wake of this unsettling incident, questions abound regarding the origin and motivations behind the bomb threat hoax. Concerned citizens await updates from the ongoing police investigation as authorities diligently work to identify the individual responsible for instigating panic within the Nalasopara community. Meanwhile, the Blooming Bud’s English High School hopes to restore a sense of normalcy and security for its students and staff following this disconcerting ordeal.