In a significant crackdown on illicit substances, authorities in Vasai seized drugs worth a staggering 14.7 million rupees on Friday evening. The operation, carried out by the Anti-Narcotics Unit, also led to the apprehension of two Nigerian nationals involved in the drug trade, according to information shared by Public Relations Officer Praveen Bangosavi on Saturday.

The initiative stemmed from concerns raised during a New Year’s welcome event organized by the Mira-Bhayandar and Vasai-Virar police Commissionerate’s. Recognizing the potential misuse of controlled substances, senior police officials had issued directives to take action against those engaged in the purchase and sale of illicit drugs. Acting on these instructions, a team led by Amar Marathe, the inspector in charge of the Anti-Narcotics Unit, along with officers Pradeep Takke, Mahesh Pagdhare, Sunil Kudve, Ajay Sapkale, Subhash Avhad, and Ajay Yadav, conducted the operation across various localities, including Vasai, Achole, Tulinj, Moregaon, Pragati Nagar, 90 Feet Road, and Hightension Road.

The focal point of the operation was the bustling area around Pragati Nagar’s Hightension Road. In front of Shivkrupa Building, the officers encountered two Nigerian individuals engaged in suspicious conversation. Upon closer inspection, they discovered a small sack on one person and a concealed pouch on the other. The contents raised immediate suspicions, prompting a thorough search and subsequent discovery of illegal substances.

The apprehended individuals were found in possession of 554.4 grams of methadone, valued at 1.1 million rupees, and 120.4 grams of cocaine, valued at 3.612 million rupees. The total worth of the seized drugs amounted to an astounding 14.7 million rupees. Both suspects are currently facing charges, with Divaiin Chukwumeke and Chikavu Fredinand Okito having cases registered against them at the Tulijan police station and the NDPS court.

The timely and decisive action of the police team was commended by higher-ups, including Police Superintendent Avinash Ambure and Assistant Police Commissioner Madan Ballal. The Anti-Narcotics Unit, under the guidance of Inspector Amar Marathe, handled the entire operation seamlessly, showcasing the dedication and commitment of officers Pradeep Takke, Mahesh Pagdhare, Sunil Kudve, Ajay Sapkale, Subhash Avhad, and Ajay Yadav.

This successful operation not only underscores the vigilance of law enforcement but also sends a strong message about the commitment to curb the illegal drug trade in the region. The involvement of Nigerian nationals in such activities raises concerns about the international dimension of the drug trade, prompting authorities to remain vigilant and proactive in tackling this global issue. The seized drugs will be used as evidence in the legal proceedings against the accused, as the law enforcement agencies continue their efforts to maintain the safety and well-being of the community.