In a rapid and effective response, the Crime Branch of the Palghar Police managed to apprehend a notorious burglar known for executing thefts within a span of seven minutes. The suspect, Dhiraj Gulab Morya (21), had become adept at swift and efficient burglaries, earning him notoriety in the region. The police successfully foiled his latest attempt, bringing an end to his spree.

The incident unfolded on December 22nd at the residence of Rinki Singh (29), located in Swami Narayan Chawl at Tungarphata. Taking advantage of a seven-minute window, the burglar forcibly entered Singh’s locked house, making off with valuables including gold and silver ornaments and a significant sum of cash amounting to Rs. 90,450. Local residents acted swiftly, leading to the capture of the suspect, who was subsequently handed over to the police.

Investigations into the accused revealed that Dhiraj Gulab Morya had adopted a distinctive modus operandi, completing his burglaries within a remarkably short time frame. The police uncovered a trail of 17 crimes committed by Morya over the past three years, including thefts in Dahisar, Waliv, Pelhar, and other areas. The recovered stolen items, valued at ₹. 17,31,360, stand as evidence of his extensive criminal activities.

The Crime Branch, acting on timely information, successfully arrested Morya, putting an end to his calculated series of house break-ins. Dhiraj Gulab Morya now faces charges related to the 17 burglaries and is currently in police custody.

The rapid response by the police was made possible through the collaborative efforts of law enforcement officials from various police stations, including Waliv, Naigaon, Nalasopara, Tulinj, and Mandvi. A total of five cases have been registered against the accused across these police jurisdictions.

Commissioner of Police Madhukar Pandey, Deputy Commissioner of Police Shrikant Patil, Assistant Commissioner of Police Suhas Bavche, along with other senior officers such as Inspector Sopan Patil and Inspector Shivnand Devkar, played pivotal roles in the investigation.

The recovered stolen items from Dhiraj Gulab Morya’s possession include 260.56 grams of gold, 888 grams of silver, ₹. 58,000 in cash, and 10 mobile phones, with a collective value of ₹. 17,31,360.

This successful operation underscores the dedication and vigilance of the Palghar Police in maintaining law and order in the region. Commendations go out to the police officers involved in the operation, including Yogesh Deshmukh, Tanaji Chavan, Rahul Pol, Ashok Parjane, Ravi Wankhede, Sanjay Masal, Nikhil Mandlik, Kiran Avhad, Rahul Karpe, Diladar Sheikh, Anil Sabale, Sujay Patil, Namdev Dhon, and Sohel Sheikh.