The Vasai-Virar Municipal Corporation has failed to control the stray dogs, as an incident of 10 people being bitten by dogs in one day in Vasai has come to light. The citizens of Vasai-Virar have to bear the trouble of stray dogs as the corporation’s dog sterilization center has not been started yet. The citizens of Vasai-Virar are troubled by the problem of stray dogs. The number of stray dogs on the streets and alleys has increased and the incidents of dog bites are increasing at night and late night.

Two days ago, 10 people were bitten by stray dogs in one day in the corporation’s Chulne-Manikpur area. Among them are school children. Wilfred D’Souza, block president of Congress Party H Ward Committee, has indicated that he will launch an indefinite hunger strike in front of the assistant commissioner’s office if the immediate control of stray dogs is not done. The city’s dog sterilization center is closed.

The center has been delayed due to lack of contractor, but the corporation has started planning to stop the growing nuisance of dogs in the city. As a part of this, a census of stray dogs in the city will be done. The corporation is going to do such a dog census for the first time. No dog census has been done since the establishment of the corporation. As a result, there is no official data on how many stray dogs are in the city. This is affecting the sterilization process. The dog census is mandatory for the corporation. Therefore, the corporation has decided to conduct a census of stray dogs every 5 years.

Interestingly, along with the dog census, the corporation will also count cats.

What is the article about?

The article is about the problem of stray dogs in the Vasai-Virar municipality in India. The dogs have caused concern among citizens, and some have even attacked people. The local government has been criticized for not doing enough to control the stray dog population.

What is the situation in Vasai-Virar municipality?

The number of stray dogs in Vasai-Virar municipality has increased, and they have been causing trouble for citizens. The dogs have been attacking people, and there is concern about the spread of diseases. The government has not been able to control the problem, which has led to public protests.

What has the government done about the problem?

The government has established a dog sterilization center, but it has not been operational yet. The government has also been criticized for not taking enough action to control the problem. Recently, there have been protests by citizens, demanding that the government take action to control the stray dog population.

What is the response of the local government to the protests?

The local government has promised to take action to control the problem. They have started a dog census in the municipality, and plan to use this information to develop a plan to control the stray dog population. However, the citizens are not satisfied with this response, and the protests continue.

What are the concerns of the citizens?

The citizens are concerned about the attacks by stray dogs, and the spread of diseases. They are also concerned about the government’s lack of action to control the problem, and the impact of the problem on their daily lives.

What is the impact of the problem on the citizens?

The impact of the problem on citizens is significant. They are afraid to go out at night, and some have even been attacked by stray dogs. The situation has also affected their daily lives, with some citizens avoiding certain areas where the dogs are known to be present.

What is the way forward to control the problem?

The government needs to take strong action to control the stray dog population. This could include a combination of sterilization, adoption programs, and strict laws to prevent the abandonment of dogs. It is important to involve citizens in the process, and to educate them about responsible pet ownership.