In the early hours of a rainy Thursday morning, the peace in Maharashtra’s suburban town of Vasai was disrupted by a daring attempt to break open ATMs at three different kiosks. However, the alleged criminals did not take into account the keen eye of the surveillance cameras and the persistence of the local police. Five people, led by a notorious burglar, were arrested in connection with the robbery attempt. This article highlights the events that occurred that fateful night and highlights the vigilance and commitment of law enforcement in protecting the community.

The Incident

Around 1 am, as the rain intensified, four men quietly entered an ATM center near Babhola Naka in Vasai West. Their intentions were clear – to break open the ATM and take away the contents inside. Little did he know that his every move was being captured in the keen eye of the CCTV camera. For more than an hour, they labored in vain to break the machine’s defenses, until a loud alarm jolted their plans. Realizing that time was of the essence, the robbers decided to flee the scene, abandoning their audacious ambitions.

investigation and Arrest

The dacoity attempt went unnoticed by the alert police force of Mira Bhayandar-Vasai Virar. Soon after receiving information about the alarm being raised, Sampatrao Patil, a senior police inspector at Manikpur police station, lodged an FIR against unknown persons for audacious attempt to dacoity. The first major breakthrough came from CCTV footage of the roads leading to the ATM centre, which captured the image of a red Fiat Linea with the license plate MH12FF5061.

Armed with this vital clue, the investigators of Crime Branch Unit 2, under the guidance of Senior Police Inspector Shahuraj Ranware, efficiently traced the movement of the suspicious vehicle. This led them to a cluster of slums near Achole Dongri area where the suspects were believed to be hiding. With meticulous precision, a trap was laid and they waited for the alleged robbers to appear.

The breakthrough came when five men matching the description were seen approaching and eventually entering a red Fiat Linea. At the same time, the police team moved swiftly and caught the suspects before they could escape. The five accused were identified as Rohit D’Zoussa, Prabhu Chauhan, Sahil Tak, Sonu Pariyar and Kaushik Yadav.

Plan Busted

It was soon revealed that Rohit D’Souza, the owner of the red Fiat Linea, was the mastermind behind the planned heist. D’Souza, notorious for his involvement in several cases of house breaking, was released on bail just a month before the incident. Taking advantage of the opportunity, he gathered a group of local people around him and inspired them to form a gang. His initial target was a vulnerable ATM, which he believed would be less secure on a rainy night.

However, his plans failed due to the lack of suitable equipment. The absence of gas cutters foiled their attempts to access the money kept inside the ATM machines. Undaunted by this setback, he planned to redirect his criminal efforts towards house breaking, where he believed success was more attainable.


A crime plot unfolding on a rain-soaked night in Vasai looked like it was straight out of a suspense thriller. However, the vigilance of surveillance cameras and the dedication of the Vasai police ensured that the story did not end with a successful heist. Instead, it culminated with the arrest of five individuals who now face legal consequences for their actions. This incident is a reminder of the importance of community safety and the tireless efforts of law enforcement in maintaining the peace and safety of the public.