In a significant move aimed at fostering development without burdening taxpayers, the Vasai Virar Municipal Corporation presented its budget for the fiscal year 2023-24, projecting an impressive ₹11.12 billion for various developmental activities. Unlike previous years, the budget doesn’t propose any increase in taxes, instilling confidence in the community regarding the commitment to progress.

The financial blueprint for the upcoming year marks a substantial improvement from the estimated ₹9.68 billion allocated for the current fiscal year. The budget, totaling ₹12.33 billion, showcases a remarkable increase of ₹332 million compared to the previous year, demonstrating the municipality’s dedication to enhancing public welfare without imposing additional financial burdens on citizens. This stands out as a unique achievement, considering the trend in budget escalations during election years.

Ramesh Manale, the Additional Commissioner of Vasai Virar Municipal Corporation and the fourth administrative officer responsible for financial planning, presented the budget on Monday. Anil Kumar Pawar, Commissioner and Administrator, received the proposal during a session attended by key officials, including Chief Auditor Suresh Bansode, Chief Accounts Officer (CAFO) Abhay Deshmukh, and other executive engineers.

The proposed budget underwent thorough discussions and scrutiny by administrative authorities before receiving final approval. Notably, the municipality managed to keep its expenditure within 80% of the budget in the last fiscal year. Revenues from property taxes, development fees, market charges, and water supply have exceeded expectations, allowing the municipal corporation to contemplate a substantial increase in the upcoming financial year.

In a bid to kickstart development initiatives, the municipality has earmarked ₹360 million for geographical surveys. This allocation aims to facilitate the commencement of projects outlined in the development plan. Additionally, the municipality plans to increase its workforce by recruiting new employees and offering permanent positions to existing staff members, resulting in an inevitable rise in establishment costs.

The current fiscal year witnessed a grant of ₹164 crore for disaster relief, a figure expected to surge to ₹413 crore in the next financial year. This reflects the corporation’s commitment to improving disaster response capabilities and addressing the needs of citizens in times of crisis.

While unveiling the budget, the municipal corporation emphasized its commitment to responsible financial management, ensuring that development goals are met without overburdening taxpayers. The proposed budget is a testament to the municipality’s dedication to balanced fiscal growth and sustained progress.

As the community awaits the implementation of the budgetary allocations, the municipality’s assurance of a tax-neutral approach has been welcomed by residents, providing them with a sense of relief and confidence in the responsible management of public funds. The focus on strategic development, along with prudent financial planning, positions Vasai Virar for a period of sustained growth and improved civic amenities in the upcoming fiscal year.