In a shocking turn of events, a 22-year-old individual has been apprehended in the Arnala coastal area of Vasai for allegedly murdering a familiar acquaintance in his apartment. The suspect attempted to escape the clutches of law enforcement by portraying the death as a suicide within a mere 24 hours of the incident.

As per the police report, the complainant Anil Chanda informed authorities that his younger brother, Nagesh (48), a professional teacher, was found dead in his apartment in the Premium Park locality of Vasai. Both of the victim’s wrists were found severed. The Arnala police station received an unexpected death report (ADR) on January 22, initiating the investigation.

During the inquiry, the police were unable to trace the deceased’s mobile phone. Additionally, a few hours before discovering the body, an unidentified individual was seen entering and leaving the building in a suspicious manner, hinting at the possibility of foul play.

Under the guidance of Deputy Commissioner of Police (Zone III) Suhas Bavche, Senior Police Inspector Vijay Patil led a team to examine the Call Detail Records (CDR) and placed a suspicious mobile number under surveillance. It was revealed that the number was active between Virar and Goregaon. Subsequently, specialized teams were deployed, and the suspect was identified as Alfaran Chand Usman Khan (22). He was arrested near the Bangur Nagar Metro Station on January 23.

The police investigation unveiled a series of events leading to the arrest of the accused. It was discovered that Alfaran had allegedly committed the crime in the apartment and attempted to cover it up by making it look like a suicide. The rapid response and coordinated efforts of the police led to the prompt identification and arrest of the suspect.

Anil Chanda, the complainant and elder brother of the deceased, expressed deep shock and sorrow over the untimely demise of Nagesh. He described his brother as a dedicated teacher who had been living a peaceful life in Vasai.

The deceased’s apartment, located in the Premium Park area, became the focal point of the investigation. Authorities gathered evidence and statements from neighbors who reported seeing a suspicious individual entering and leaving the building around the time of the incident.

The police’s attention to detail in analyzing the CDR proved instrumental in narrowing down their search to the Virar and Goregaon regions. The surveillance teams were strategically deployed, leading to the swift apprehension of Alfaran Chand Usman Khan, the prime suspect in the case.

Residents of Vasai expressed relief upon hearing about the suspect’s arrest, acknowledging the police force’s efficiency in handling the case. Many were shocked to learn about the alleged motive behind the crime and the attempt to conceal it by staging the death as a suicide.

As the investigation progresses, authorities are expected to delve deeper into the circumstances leading up to the crime and the motive behind the accused’s actions. The arrest has brought a sense of closure to the grieving family and the community, although the lingering questions surrounding the incident will undoubtedly remain until the completion of a thorough investigation.