A tragic incident occurred at Virar railway station on Friday, resulting in the death of a couple and their three-month-old child. According to the Vasai Government Railway Police (GRP), the family was allegedly run over by a speeding express train while they were illegally crossing the railway tracks.

The deceased individuals have been identified as Ajit Patel, his wife Seeta, and their son Aaryan. The family lived in Vasai and worked as laborers in a factory in the area. They had recently gone to Surat to visit Seeta’s brother and were returning to Mumbai when the incident occurred.

Senior police inspector Sachin Ingavale of Vasai GRP stated that the family had alighted from the train on the side of the railway tracks instead of getting off on the platform. As soon as they stepped off the train, a speeding express train ran over them.

The station master at Virar railway station immediately informed the Vasai GRP officials, who then sent the remains of the three to a nearby hospital. Unfortunately, all three were declared dead upon arrival.

Upon searching for leads on their identities, the police found their luggage containing their railway tickets. They contacted the family members and learned that the family had planned to catch an early local train to reach their house in Vasai, so they got off on the railway track side. They were not aware that an express train was approaching the railway station and had intended to cross the track and get onto the platform as soon as they could.

The Vasai GRP officials have registered a case of accidental death, and the investigation is ongoing. This tragic incident highlights the dangers of crossing railway tracks illegally and the importance of following proper safety protocols at railway stations.

At Vasaicity, we are committed to raising awareness about the importance of safety around railway tracks. It is crucial to understand that trains are powerful machines that can cause serious injury or death if not approached with caution. Crossing tracks illegally, as in the case of the Virar incident, can have fatal consequences.

We encourage all commuters to follow safety guidelines while using the railway system. Here are some essential tips to keep in mind: Use authorized crossings: Cross railway tracks only at authorized pedestrian crossings, overbridges, or underpasses.

1. Do not take shortcuts or try to cross the tracks at any other point.
2. Pay attention to signals: Observe the signals and obey the instructions given by railway staff. If a train is approaching, wait until it has passed and the signal indicates that it is safe to cross.
3. Stay alert: Always be alert while waiting on the platform or walking near the tracks. Never use headphones or mobile phones while crossing or standing close to the tracks.
4. Teach your children: Educate children about the dangers of railway tracks and the importance of following safety guidelines. Supervise them when they are near railway tracks and discourage them from playing near them.

By following these safety measures, we can minimize the risks associated with railway travel and prevent such tragic incidents from occurring in the future.