We understand that finding reliable and skilled health workers is crucial for any community. That is why we have taken a closer look at the current situation in the Vasai Virar Corporation, where over 99% of health workers are employed on a contractual basis.

The recent findings from an RTI (Right to Information) request reveal that out of the 1,118 health workers in the corporation, only 9 are permanent employees, while the rest are hired on a contractual basis. This indicates a significant gap in the provision of job security for health workers in the region.

Contractual employment is often seen as a cost-effective solution for organizations, but it can have a negative impact on the morale and quality of work delivered by employees. In the healthcare sector, where the stakes are high, the reliance on contractual workers can lead to a lack of continuity in patient care, a decrease in the quality of services, and a high turnover rate among health workers.

Moreover, contractual workers are often deprived of the benefits and perks that permanent employees receive, such as health insurance, pensions, and paid leaves. This not only affects their motivation to work but also leaves them vulnerable to financial and health risks.

It is essential to understand that the healthcare sector is a service-oriented industry that requires a stable and reliable workforce. Providing job security and benefits to health workers is not just a moral obligation, but it is also a practical solution for ensuring high-quality healthcare services for the community.

In light of these findings, we urge the Vasai Virar Corporation to re-evaluate their employment policies and consider the long-term impact of their decisions on the healthcare sector. We believe that investing in the job security and benefits of health workers is a step towards building a more sustainable and robust healthcare system.

In conclusion, we believe that the employment of health workers on a contractual basis is not a sustainable solution for providing quality healthcare services to the community. We call upon the Vasai Virar Corporation to take action and address this issue in a timely and effective manner.