In a disturbing incident, women involved in fishing in Vasai were subjected to violence in Dombivli. The protest against this heinous act took place on Monday at the Vasai Tehsildar’s office. The rally was organized by the Vasai General Labor Union, and representatives from various fishermen associations participated in the event.

For years, women engaged in fishing activities in Vasai, including places like Dombivli, Thane, Panvel, Badlapur, Ganeshpuri, Vajreshwari, Ambadi, and others, have been facing challenges. Their livelihoods depend on selling fish, and their families rely on the income generated from this trade. However, in recent days, women involved in the fish trade in Dombivli have been facing intimidation and violent attacks, causing financial losses due to damaged equipment and acid attacks.

The situation has made it difficult for the women fishermen in Vasai to continue their business in Dombivli. Despite several complaints filed with the local police stations, justice seems elusive for the victims. Consequently, the affected women in the fishing community are experiencing a tense atmosphere in Vasai, which is impacting their daily lives.

The women involved in fishing in Vasai face safety concerns while conducting their businesses in the Dombivli area. In response to these serious issues, local authorities and relevant officials have come together to address the challenges faced by these women. The protest organized at the Tehsildar’s office aimed to draw attention to the unsafe conditions for women engaged in fishing in Dombivli.

During the protest, activists made announcements and presented their concerns to Tehsildar Avinash Kosti. Representatives of the fishing community, including Dayanand Koli, President of Sagar Koli Society; former municipal councilor Sanjay Koli; Satish Gamja; Maruti Jhunjurke; Milton Saudia, President of Koli Youth Power; Abhilasha Vartak, Vice President of General Labor Union, and other officials, were present at the event.

Despite ongoing struggles and the rising tension in the fishing community, there has been no official acknowledgment of the crisis. The lack of action against the illegal activities in Dombivli has fueled the anger and frustration of the women fishermen. Their aggressive stance is a consequence of the administration’s failure to take corrective measures against the unauthorized actions affecting their livelihoods.

The women fishermen have been grappling with the challenge of providing for their families when their source of income is under threat. If alternate employment opportunities are not available, they may eventually resort to seeking assistance from the tehsil administration to cope with the financial burden caused by the ongoing crisis.

In light of these challenges, Sanjay Koli has urged the administration to provide support to these women and address their demands. The fishing community in Vasai hopes that the authorities will take prompt action to ensure the safety and well-being of women engaged in the fishing trade in Dombivli. The demand for justice and a secure working environment for these women remains a pressing concern, and the fishing community expects a swift response from the authorities to bring an end to the violence and harassment faced by these brave women.