Vasai: The recent visit of BJP’s national leader and Union Minister Nitin Gadkari to Vasai created quite a stir among BJP party workers. But it was his camaraderie with Thakur family that stole the spotlight, leaving BJP members in awe. To welcome Gadkari, Thakurs rolled out the red carpet, literally, with a grand procession featuring a lavish car worth millions of rupees, driven by none other than MLA Kshitij Thakur himself. This extravagant display left everyone in Vasai-Virar talking.

The event took place at “Vasai Janata,” a bank founded by the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, where the current Member of Legislative Assembly, Hitendra Thakur, leads the Bahujan Vikas Aghadi. The occasion was marked by the presence of Union Minister Nitin Gadkari, who was invited to inaugurate the golden jubilee celebration at the bank. This set the stage for a celebratory mood in Vasai-Virar, and the BJP’s plans for their own programs took a backseat. The scheduled programs were held in the bank’s grand hall, and preparations were in full swing.

On Friday, Gadkari landed at the Jivdani Helipad in Virar. But his welcome was overshadowed by a grand car owned by MLA Kshitij Thakur, which left everyone in awe. MLA Kshitij Thakur played the role of Gadkari’s chauffeur, giving him a grand entry. The event at the bank also featured Thakur. In his speech, Gadkari kept mentioning Thakur’s name and extended a public invitation to meet in Delhi.

Following the formal event, the BJP workers engaged in a lively discussion. The earlier differences between Vasai-Virar and Palghar district have subsided. It was a heartwarming sight, especially considering the occasional friction between the two leaders. However, it seems that even Gadkari’s presence has softened the enthusiasm of BJP workers. This was evident in their warm interactions.

Allegations and Counter-Allegations

Hitendra Thakur has been an MLA since 1990 and is known for his friendly relations with nearly everyone. Gadkari also initiated a friendship with him. The allegations of the Bahujan Vikas Aghadi secretary Ajeev Patil were brushed off, stating that their friendship helps in the BJP’s political work. The BJP took over the program organized by the bank and showcased its political prowess. Gadkari’s visit might have left some BJP leaders unhappy, but no one has come forward to voice their grievances officially.

In conclusion, Nitin Gadkari’s visit to Vasai-Virar left a lasting impression, with his camaraderie with the Thakur family taking center stage. While there were some underlying tensions and allegations, the visit ultimately brought together political leaders and their supporters in a display of unity and celebration. The political landscape in Vasai-Virar continues to evolve, and only time will tell how these relationships will impact the region’s future.