Vasai: The infamous con artist duo known as Ajay and Vijay, who had been terrorizing the citizens on the streets by swindling them out of their hard-earned money, have finally been arrested by the Virar police. They are now facing charges in connection with five specific cases, adding up to a total of 63 charges of fraud.

On the streets where unsuspecting citizens would become victims of their sly schemes, Vijay Tambe (53) and Ajay Sawant (50), the two members of this notorious duo, have left a trail of perplexed individuals who were left asking, “Do I know you?” They would initiate conversations with people, attempting to engage them in a puzzling dialogue, while slyly extracting valuable information and coercing them into parting with their money.

These devious individuals, operating under the names Ajay and Vijay, had become infamous for their clever tactics and cunning strategies in swindling their targets.

The police acted promptly in response to the recent wave of complaints from citizens who had fallen victim to the schemes of Ajay and Vijay. In an unexpected twist, these con artists, known for their cat-and-mouse games with the law enforcement, found themselves ensnared in a web of charges.

The duo had devised their modus operandi with precision, targeting unsuspecting individuals on the streets. Their initial approach involved starting conversations with strangers by asking, “Do I know you?” This seemingly innocent question would quickly escalate into a complex and confusing dialogue, during which they would manipulate their victims into divulging personal information.

Once they had gathered enough information, Ajay and Vijay would proceed to extort money from their victims. They had a knack for creating a sense of urgency or danger, forcing their targets to hand over their valuables and cash in order to escape an imagined peril.

The victims, left bewildered and shaken by the encounter, would often find themselves parted from their money and possessions, while Ajay and Vijay made a hasty escape, leaving no trace behind.

The recent crackdown by the Virar police has brought some respite to the victims of this notorious duo. The charges filed against Ajay and Vijay include multiple counts of fraud, totaling a staggering 63 cases. The police are now working diligently to build a strong case against the two con artists, collecting evidence and statements from victims to ensure a comprehensive investigation.

The police have commended the courage of the victims who came forward to report their experiences, as this played a crucial role in identifying and arresting Ajay and Vijay. It serves as a reminder that individuals should not hesitate to report any suspicious encounters or criminal activities, as it aids in maintaining the safety and security of the community.

As the legal proceedings against Ajay and Vijay continue, the local community is hopeful that justice will be served, and these con artists will be held accountable for their actions. This case is a testament to the effectiveness of law enforcement when it comes to protecting the rights and security of the citizens.

In a statement, the Virar police have assured the public that they will leave no stone unturned in ensuring that all the victims receive justice. They have urged anyone who may have had an encounter with Ajay and Vijay to come forward and provide any information that could aid in the ongoing investigation.