In a surprising turn of events, a suspect facing charges of involvement in criminal activities managed to escape from Naigaon Police Station on Monday night. The suspect, identified as Mohammad Sikatayan, aged 52, was apprehended by Naigaon Police in connection with a pending criminal case.

The incident unfolded on Monday night when Naigaon Police had successfully cornered Sikatayan, who was wanted in connection with allegations of criminal activities. Due to the unavailability of holding cells at Naigaon Police Station, it was decided to transfer Sikatayan to Vasai Police Station.

The authorities initiated the necessary paperwork to facilitate the transfer, and the process was underway late into the night. Around 9 PM, officers noticed Sikatayan’s absence during the headcount, signaling his sudden disappearance. A subsequent search inside the police station premises yielded no results, confirming that Sikatayan had managed to escape.

The suspect, Mohammad Sikatayan, is no stranger to law enforcement, having three previous criminal charges on record. His escape has prompted an intensified effort to locate and apprehend him.

To aid in the search, law enforcement agencies are coordinating their efforts and preparing necessary documentation to circulate Sikatayan’s details. The escape has raised concerns within the police department, and a thorough investigation is now underway to determine the circumstances surrounding his disappearance.

Local residents are urged to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities to the police. Authorities are emphasizing the importance of community cooperation in ensuring the swift recapture of the suspect.

The escape of Mohammad Sikatayan has once again highlighted the challenges faced by police stations with limited infrastructure. The incident has sparked discussions within the law enforcement community regarding the need for improved facilities to prevent such occurrences in the future.

Law enforcement agencies are urging anyone with information regarding Sikatayan’s whereabouts to come forward. The police have established a dedicated helpline for tips and information related to this case.

The escape has left the Naigaon Police Department red-faced, and they are now working tirelessly to rectify the situation. The incident serves as a reminder of the complexities involved in managing suspects and the importance of a robust infrastructure to ensure the safety and security of both law enforcement officers and the public.

As the search for Mohammad Sikatayan continues, residents are reminded to stay vigilant and cooperate with the authorities. The police are confident that, with the support of the community, the suspect will be apprehended swiftly, bringing an end to this unexpected chapter in Naigaon’s recent history.