Vasai, a quiet town in western India, witnessed a heartbreaking incident recently that underscores the emotional toll of extramarital affairs and doubts within a marriage. A 40-year-old woman, identified as Babita, ended her life by hanging herself, leaving behind her husband, Shaam Jayaswal, and their two children.

Babita and Shaam had tied the knot 25 years ago in Vasai, building a life together that seemed ordinary and peaceful on the surface. They were parents to two children and appeared to be living a contented life. However, a hidden secret from the past was slowly eroding their happiness.

Shaam Jayaswal, a 42-year-old man, had always suspected that there might be something amiss in their relationship. He constantly felt uneasy and doubted Babita, who had been hiding the truth about her past relationship.

It’s worth noting that this was not the first time Babita had attempted to end her life. Shaam had previously reported two suicide attempts by his wife, where she had tried to hang herself. These attempts had raised alarm bells, and Shaam had sought help from the Vasai police, concerned about his wife’s mental well-being.

However, the most recent incident, which occurred on a fateful Saturday evening, marked the culmination of all the distress and despair that had been building within Babita. She took the drastic step of hanging herself in their home, putting an end to her suffering.

The Vasai police were informed about this tragic incident by Shaam Jayaswal, and they have officially recorded her death as a case of suicide. The investigation is ongoing to uncover the full extent of the circumstances leading to this heartbreaking loss.

The tragedy of Babita’s suicide emphasizes the importance of addressing emotional issues and maintaining open lines of communication within a marriage. Relationships are complex, and it is essential for partners to be honest with each other, seek help when needed, and work together to overcome challenges.