Vasai: On Sunday, elections for the Arnala, Arnala Fort, and Saiwan Gram Panchayats in Vasai took place, starting at 7:00 AM. This election saw enthusiastic participation from the youth, as well as the elderly citizens, with a total voter turnout of 68.31% until the evening. The Vasai Taluka had been awaiting the conclusion of the election process for these three Gram Panchayats, with Potniwadi, Sakawar, and Aadan as the two Gram Panchayats that were also up for the vote. In total, there were 38 seats available, with 35 members and 3 Sarpanch positions up for grabs. Remarkably, this election had 98 candidates vying for these positions.

The festive season leading up to Diwali contributed to the enthusiastic atmosphere among the voters. Right from the morning, citizens flocked to the polling stations, and the buzz continued throughout the day. In the morning, until 2 PM, 43% of registered voters had cast their ballots. However, as the day progressed, the voter turnout surged to 55% by early afternoon.

In the morning, at the Arnala polling center, Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) faced some issues, causing a brief halt in the voting process. But after a delay of about an hour, the voting resumed smoothly.

Voting continued until the evening, with Vasai witnessing a turnout of 68.31%. To ensure a fair and safe election process, the police were deployed to maintain law and order, and special arrangements were made to control the crowd at the polling centers. Additionally, designated pathways were established to facilitate the movement of voters.

Special provisions were made to accommodate differently-abled and elderly voters. They were provided with special vehicles to ensure a hassle-free experience while exercising their right to vote.

Looking ahead, on Monday morning at 9 AM, the Vasai Tehsildar’s office will witness the counting of votes. It is expected to be an eventful day as the results are revealed and the newly elected members take their positions in the Gram Panchayats.

The voter turnout in these Gram Panchayat elections has been a reflection of the democratic spirit and enthusiasm among the citizens of Vasai. It demonstrates their commitment to electing the right representatives to address local issues and work towards the betterment of their communities.