In a recent turn of events, two engineers employed by the Vasai Virar Municipal Corporation (VVMC) found themselves suspended after a video of their participation in a lively gathering surfaced. The commissioner, Ramesh Manale, took decisive action on Monday, temporarily relieving Junior Engineers (JE) Bhim Reddy and Milind Sirsat of their duties.

Reddy and Sirsat, who were assigned to the VVMC’s illegal demolition squad, were identified as the individuals in the video, which documented their attendance at an event held at Vasai’s Pankha bar. The party in question, reportedly sponsored and organized by a local land mafia figure, has raised eyebrows due to its controversial nature. Notably, Vasai is situated approximately 54 kilometers away from Mumbai.

The video footage, now available to the public, captures Reddy and Sirsat engaging in revelry, indulging in drinks, and dancing provocatively with several women present at the bar. Acting on the impropriety displayed in the videos, Commissioner Manale swiftly suspended both Junior Engineers.

The decision to take action against the engineers was rooted in their violation of the dignity and goodwill associated with their positions within the municipal corporation. Despite being representatives of the local government, Reddy and Sirsat’s actions at the event prompted their suspension.

Video Courtesy: @maharashtrakanayadaurnews5762

Sources reveal that the party was specifically organized for engineers sympathetic to the interests of the local land mafia. It has been suggested that the engineers claim the women they were seen dancing with were merely friends. According to these sources, the videos are dated, and the engineers contend that they were initially blackmailed before the footage was made public.

This incident is not the first of its kind in Vasai Virar Municipal Corporation’s history. In 2017, a similar controversy unfolded when at least 12 Junior Engineers faced suspension under the administration of then-commissioner Satish Lokhande. Their transgressions involved a video circulating online, depicting them drinking and dancing at another party. Lokhande, at the time, justified the disciplinary actions by asserting that the Junior Engineers had tarnished the image of the municipal corporation with their indiscretions.

The recurrence of such incidents raises concerns about the conduct of municipal employees and their adherence to ethical standards. Commissioner Manale’s prompt response to the recent incident reflects the administration’s commitment to maintaining the corporation’s reputation.

While the engineers argue that the videos are outdated and that they were victims of blackmail, the suspension remains in effect pending further investigation. This development underscores the importance of upholding a code of conduct among municipal employees and the potential consequences for actions that bring disrepute to the organization.

It is essential for public servants, including those working within municipal corporations, to recognize the responsibilities associated with their roles. The incidents involving Vasai Virar Municipal Corporation engineers serve as reminders that public trust can be easily eroded by actions that compromise the integrity of the individuals representing the government.

The municipality is now tasked with addressing not only the immediate disciplinary concerns but also with implementing measures to prevent the recurrence of such incidents in the future. This may involve reviewing and reinforcing ethical guidelines for employees, as well as promoting a culture of accountability within the organization.

As the investigation unfolds, the fate of Junior Engineers Reddy and Sirsat hangs in the balance, awaiting the outcome of the probe into the circumstances surrounding the controversial video. The incident serves as a cautionary tale for public servants, urging them to uphold the values of integrity and professionalism associated with their positions.