Vasai: In line with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision and to commemorate the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, the “Swachhata Hi Seva – One Day, One Hour” campaign was organized in 97 locations across the Vasai-Virar Municipal Corporation area. The campaign was inaugurated by the distinguished presence of Rajendra Gavit and the First Mayor Rajiv Patil. Various representatives, officials, and respected citizens actively participated in the cleanliness drive organized under the jurisdiction of the Ward Committee offices.

A total of 4,331 students from 64 schools, 791 students from 16 colleges, 1,634 members from 42 voluntary organizations, and 1,070 members from 107 saving groups enthusiastically joined the campaign. Additionally, 9,612 participants, including officials, senior citizens, and members of various associations, contributed to the massive turnout of 17,438 individuals who came forward to participate in this initiative. The campaign covered a staggering 2,37,998 square meters of area and cleaned 40,353 meters of roads, collecting a total of 56 tons of waste. The segregated waste will be sent for recycling and processing, contributing to environmental sustainability.

Starting at 6:30 AM, a bicycle rally was organized from Amey Club in Virar (West) to Vasai Fort, encouraging citizens to actively participate in the cleanliness drive. Approximately 350 individuals joined this cycling rally, and it culminated with a dedicated effort to clean the Vasai Fort area. In the Rajodi Beach area, students from three schools, members of women’s self-help groups, and senior citizens actively participated in the cleanliness drive. Furthermore, for the youth, Surfing and Adventure Sports were organized on Rajodi Beach, emphasizing the importance of cleanliness and discouraging single-use plastic.

In each Ward Committee, street plays were performed to spread awareness about cleanliness and the ban on single-use plastic. The message of cleanliness was effectively communicated to the residents, encouraging them to adopt cleaner habits and protect the environment.

A Remarkable Message of Hindu-Muslim Unity Through Cleanliness:

A unique aspect of this cleanliness drive was the participation of the Hindu-Muslim Unity Group, which organized the campaign in six locations. The Ayappa Temple and Durga Temple premises in Nile Village witnessed the active involvement of Hindu and Muslim citizens in the cleanliness drive. This event not only contributed to the cause of cleanliness but also sent a strong message of unity and communal harmony.

In addition, the cleanliness drive extended to the Vasai Industrial Area through the Vasaiwal Industrial Association. The industrial area witnessed active participation, further reinforcing the commitment of the community towards a cleaner environment. Senior citizens in the E-H ward took the lead in organizing the cleanliness drive in their respective Ward Committees. They demonstrated their dedication to the cause by actively participating and motivating others to join.

As part of this cleanliness drive, 5 hospitals, 21 primary health centers, fire stations, gardens, and ponds were cleaned, contributing significantly to the overall cleanliness of the city. The waste collected will undergo proper disposal and recycling to ensure the sustainable management of resources.

This massive turnout and collective effort in the “Swachhata Hi Seva – One Day, One Hour” campaign showcased the commitment of Vasai-Virar residents towards cleanliness and environmental sustainability. It not only paid homage to Mahatma Gandhi on his birth anniversary but also served as a reminder of his teachings about cleanliness and its connection to a healthy society.

In conclusion, the Vasai-Virar Municipal Corporation’s cleanliness drive on Gandhi Jayanti brought together citizens from all walks of life, from students to senior citizens, from industrialists to homemakers, and from various communities, all united by a common goal – to make their city cleaner and greener. This remarkable display of unity and commitment to cleanliness not only honors the legacy of Mahatma Gandhi but also sets a powerful example for the rest of the nation. It is a testament to the fact that when communities come together for a noble cause, they can bring about positive change and create a cleaner, healthier, and more harmonious environment for everyone to enjoy.