In a tragic incident at Manor, a coastal village in Palghar, a young fisherman lost his foot while searching for prey in the waters infested by sharks. The incident unfolded at the Vaitarna Creek, a popular fishing spot where locals witnessed a shark attack on a brave fisherman. The shark, identified as a female of its species, ultimately succumbed to its injuries during the struggle, leaving behind 15 offspring. The locals, in their effort to retrieve the deceased shark, encountered a surprising discovery.

Viki Govari, a 34-year-old resident of Manor, ventured into the waters on Tuesday night equipped with a seven-foot-long net weighing 500 kilograms, hoping to catch a substantial quantity of fish. Little did he know that his endeavor would lead to a life-threatening encounter with a formidable female shark. In the ensuing struggle, Viki suffered severe injuries, prompting the locals to rush him to the Vinoba Bhave Hospital for medical attention.

The injuries sustained by Viki were so severe that doctors had to perform emergency surgery, including the removal of a portion of his leg, which was trapped in the powerful jaws of the shark. The magnitude of the attack left a visible gash on Viki’s leg, necessitating immediate medical intervention.

After subduing the shark, locals discovered the lifeless body of the female shark, and to their surprise, they found 15 shark pups inside her abdomen. The local authorities, including Dr. Rahul Sanke, the Animal Development Officer of the Palghar Panchayat, oversaw the respectful cremation of the deceased shark and conducted the last rites for both the mother and her offspring.

The Shark Capture Incident:

The female shark, likely in search of a birthing ground, was caught in a large net submerged in the shallow waters of the Vaitarna Creek. The struggle ensued when the shark, caught in the net, retaliated against the fishermen, resulting in Viki Govari sustaining serious injuries.

Shark’s Vital Role in Marine Ecosystem:

Marine scientists emphasize the crucial role sharks play in maintaining ecological balance in marine environments. With over 500 shark species existing globally, they are regarded as apex predators, playing a vital role in regulating the populations of other marine species. However, the alarming decline in shark populations due to overfishing poses a significant threat to the marine ecosystem.

Conservation Efforts and Sustainable Coexistence:

Efforts to conserve sharks have gained momentum globally, with scientists advocating for sustainable fishing practices to protect these apex predators. While shark attacks on humans are statistically rare, the importance of coexistence and understanding these creatures is paramount. The incident in Palghar highlights the delicate balance between humans and marine life, prompting a call for greater awareness and responsible fishing practices.

Environmental Impact:

The incident sheds light on the delicate ecological balance in marine environments and the need for sustainable practices to protect marine life. With over 97% of shark species posing no threat to humans, collaborative efforts are necessary to ensure the safety of both sharks and the communities that depend on the ocean for their livelihoods.


The shark attack incident in Palghar serves as a poignant reminder of the intricate relationship between humans and marine life. It emphasizes the importance of responsible fishing practices, conservation efforts, and coexistence to maintain the delicate balance of our oceans. As communities continue to rely on the sea for sustenance, finding harmonious ways to share these waters with marine life becomes increasingly crucial for the well-being of both ecosystems and local economies.