In a recent development in Vasai-Virar, six pathology laboratories, operating without proper authorization and accused of unethical practices, have come under scrutiny following directives from Chief Minister Eknath Shinde. The Chief Minister issued these orders during a session in the state assembly after questions were raised about the legitimacy of these labs and their associated doctors. Consequently, the police have been actively involved in investigating the matter.

The city of Vasai-Virar witnessed a sudden expose of irregularities in six private laboratories, specializing in pathology services and linked to various doctors. Dr. Rajesh Soni, a prominent figure among the accused doctors, allegedly provided misleading reports for blood and urine tests. Notably, even after his accreditation was revoked, he continued to sign reports, posing a significant threat to the health of the patients. The municipal authorities promptly sent notices to the directors of these six labs, including Dr. Rajesh Soni, but no legal action had been initiated against them until now.

Sunil Prabhu, the MLA from Dindoshi constituency in Mumbai, raised concerns about the revoked accreditation of doctors in Gujarat, specifically in labs such as Shreeji Pathology Lab, Parth Diagnostic Center, Gatewell Clinical Laboratory, Global Care and Welfare Diagnostic Center, and Dhanvantari. He questioned the Chief Minister about the process involved in providing reports after the revocation of accreditation. In response, Chief Minister Eknath Shinde affirmed that Dr. Rajesh Soni, who continued to issue reports despite the withdrawal of accreditation in Gujarat, had been directed to face legal consequences. The Maharashtra Medical Council was also instructed to take action against the six lab directors for their involvement.

Subsequently, the police were ordered to file cases against the accused lab directors, and investigations were initiated. Despite the closure of all six labs, it has been clarified that no formal charges have been filed against the lab directors as of now. This revelation has prompted additional scrutiny from the Deputy Commissioner, Ajinkya Bagade, who has approached the police commissioner seeking clarification on the lack of progress in the investigation. The letter pointed out that despite five notices sent, there has been no tangible action taken against the accused, raising questions about the effectiveness of the police in handling the case.

The closure of these six labs has raised concerns among the public about the quality of medical services and the need for stricter regulations. The Chief Minister assured the assembly that steps would be taken to prevent such irregularities in the future. Meanwhile, the investigation into the unlawful practices of these labs remains ongoing, with citizens eagerly awaiting a resolution to this concerning issue. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of maintaining ethical standards in the healthcare industry to safeguard the well-being of the community.