In a bid to make traveling a breeze for all commuters, Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari made an exciting announcement on Friday. He shared the news that the 121-kilometer stretch of the Mumbai-Ahmedabad national highway is about to get a major upgrade. This significant project, as Gadkari stated, is all set to kick off within the next month. The big idea behind this project is to create concrete roads, which are known for being robust and safe, while significantly reducing the chances of wear and tear, as well as those annoying potholes.

Nitin Gadkari found himself in Virar recently to participate in the golden jubilee celebrations of the Vasai Janata Sahakari Bank. The event was graced by the presence of Bahujan Vikas Aghadi (BVA) president and MLA Hitendra Thakur. During the event, Gadkari dropped the bombshell that an impressive sum of ₹600 crore would be dedicated to the renovation of roadworks in the Vasai-Virar region, which is notorious for its pothole problems.

Gadkari didn’t stop at that; he revealed plans to widen the national highway from its current eight lanes to a whopping 12 lanes, covering a stretch of 110 kilometers from Dahisar to Talasari. Additionally, he threw in the bonus of a 40-kilometer ring road within the corporation limits, and the icing on the cake is the concretization of roads that connect the five urban centers in the region to the national highway.

The function that brought Gadkari to Vasai-Virar was organized by Vasai MLA Hitendra Thakur and had other notable guests, including Nallasopara MLA Kshitiij Thakur, Boisar MLA Rajesh Patil, and former VVMC mayors Pravin Shetty, Rajeev Patil, and Narayan Mankar.

Video Courtesy: ABP MAJHA

The Growing Need for Better Roads

As the population in Vasai-Virar continues to surge, so does the number of vehicles on the road. It’s not just here; even the Mumbai-Ahmedabad highway has seen a substantial increase in traffic. Given these conditions, the demand for quicker and better road infrastructure has become pressing. Hitendra Thakur expressed the community’s concerns, saying, “Finally, our efforts have been fruitful, and Gadkari has immediately sanctioned a fund of ₹600 crore for the road works in the region. Work on the said projects would begin in a month. During our visit to Delhi, we will bring huge funds for other Vasai-Virar projects as well. After the completion of these projects, the development of Vasai taluka will be quicker.”

A Game-Changer for Connectivity

The major highway from Mumbai to Delhi is expected to cost around ₹1 lakh crore. The first phase will no longer end at Uran but will extend to Vasai-Virar. This will enable citizens to connect all the way to Nariman Point, which is a pivotal business district in Mumbai.

A List of Projects in High Demand

The list of projects demanded for the twin cities is extensive and includes:

  1. Concretization of Main Roads: There is a plan to convert five main roads leading from the Mumbai-Ahmedabad highway to major towns in the municipal areas into concrete roads. These towns include Virar-Arnala, Nalasopara-Nirmal, Gokhivare-Navghar to Vasai village, Sativali to Gokhivare, and Bapane-Umela-Papadi.
  2. A Ring Road: A 40-meter wide ring road is on the drawing board, which would connect four major cities in the Vasai-Virar Municipal Area. This will be a significant development, reducing congestion and making traveling between these cities smoother.
  3. Road Development: Plans include constructing a 40-meter wide road from Maswan near Manor on the Mumbai-Vadodara Expressway to Ghoti in Shahapur taluka on Samriddhi Highway. This road development will improve connectivity within the region.
  4. Bridges and Overpasses: The proposal also includes building five railway overbridges and 12 pedestrian bridges in the municipal area. This aims to enhance safety and accessibility for pedestrians and commuters alike.
  5. Pedestrian Facilities: A pedestrian bridge and underpass on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad highway will further improve pedestrian safety and convenience.
  6. Coastal Road Bridge: One of the key proposals is the construction of the main bridge of the coastal road in the Palghar district, providing a significant link for coastal transportation.
  7. Railway Upgrades: To address traffic problems in the region, there is a growing demand for resolving traffic problems in the region. Plans include constructing five railway flyovers between Virar and Nalasopara, and building 12 new railway stations at different junctions in the area.

These projects are expected to be game-changers, not only for the transportation network but also for the overall development and quality of life in Vasai-Virar. The region, which has been grappling with traffic woes and infrastructure challenges, can look forward to a brighter and smoother future, thanks to the dedicated efforts of the government and the promise of significant investments. With a fund of ₹600 crore already sanctioned, the wheels of progress are set in motion, and the people of Vasai-Virar can breathe a sigh of relief as they look forward to more convenient and safer commutes.