Even as the grand water supply scheme remains incomplete, the youth of Vasai have begun a protest by scaling water tanks. In an alarming twist, they have even hinted at resorting to self-harm to draw the Chief Minister’s attention.

The 100 MLD Surya Water Supply Scheme, initiated to provide clean water to the growing population of 2.5 million in Vasai-Virar, has been in the works for two months now. Despite being near completion, the scheme has been delayed due to bureaucratic issues and cleanliness problems, leaving locals frustrated.

The Chief Minister himself is scheduled to inaugurate the scheme soon, but with the delays, the situation has taken a grim turn. Meanwhile, the Chief Minister has postponed his visit, originally planned for October 15. No new date has been confirmed, leaving the locals anxious.

In light of this situation, a young man named Nanasaheb Kolekar from Vasai has launched a protest by climbing water tanks, demanding access to clean water. He and the other protesters have warned that they may resort to drastic measures if the Chief Minister does not set a definite inauguration date for the Surya Water Supply Scheme.

“For water issues, don’t make us targets. Chief Minister, give us a date,” is the poignant message they are sending through their protests.

Nanasaheb Kolekar has a history of leading protests against unauthorized constructions in Vasai-Virar. He had led demonstrations where activists had thrown their footwear at the vehicles of senior officials. In one instance, he had even walked semi-naked from Vasai to Virar in protest against the local administration.

The water scarcity problem in Vasai-Virar has been growing with the increasing population. The Surya Water Supply Scheme, when operational, is expected to alleviate this issue. Yet, the delay has left people in despair.

The water supply issue in Vasai-Virar is not new, and the need for a proper supply system has been a longstanding concern. It’s an issue that impacts people’s daily lives, from cooking to drinking water to sanitation.

The Chief Minister’s intervention is eagerly awaited, but his postponement of the inauguration has increased tensions. This situation is a reflection of the larger problem that many areas across India face: water scarcity.

The question remains – when will the Surya Water Supply Scheme finally see the light of day? The youth’s protest and their distress signals through extreme measures are indicative of their dire need for this project to be completed. It’s a plea for clean water, for a better and healthier life.

It’s a plea not just for Vasai-Virar but for every corner of the world where clean water is still a luxury, and access to it is a matter of survival. It’s a reminder that as we celebrate technological and scientific advancements, the most basic necessity, water, remains a fundamental challenge for many.