Vasai, a town known for its cultural vibrancy and artistic endeavors, witnessed a remarkable event that lit up the spirit of the season. The Young Stars Trust, in collaboration with the Vasai Taluka Arts and Sports Development Association, presented the prestigious ‘Vaman Hari Pethe Jewelers Vasai-Virar Shravan Sundari 2023’ beauty pageant, a platform that celebrated the grace and elegance of women. The event marked its first installment at the Vivaa College (old) in Virar (W), setting the stage for a competition that resonated with enthusiasm and ambition.

The competition saw a gathering of esteemed personalities, including Pravina Thakur, the first woman Mayor of the city, Kshitij Thakur, Member of Legislative Assembly, and Pankaj Thakur, former president of the Virar Ward Committee, who graced the occasion with their presence and bestowed their blessings upon the contestants. Maya Chaudhary, former president of the Women and Child Welfare Committee, added her warmth to the event, while luminaries like Prakash Vanamali, representing the Vasai Taluka Arts and Sports Development Association, and former municipal officials from Vasai-Virar ignited the ceremonial lamp to inaugurate the competition. In the midst of this, celebrated actress and film producer Medha Mahesh Manjrekar shared her insights with the contestants and extended her well-wishes.

The event, exuding grandeur and meticulous planning, was applauded by its organizers. The esteemed panel of judges included Shivkumar Parthsarathi, a filmmaker; Aashutosh Pagare; actress Sushma Shirodkar; acting coach Samir Rane; playwright and director Vilas Pagare; Mrs. India Divya Shivdas; social worker Vandana Vartak; Dr. Dipa Varma, the vice-principal of a prominent college; and fashion designer Siddh Bhat, who responsibly held the task of evaluating the participants. The success of the event’s debut was testimony to their conscientious deliberation.

The competition itself was divided into three categories to cater to the diverse range of participants. Group 1, titled ‘Miss Shravan Sundari,’ showcased unmarried women aged between 18 and 35 who embraced their individuality. Group 2, ‘Mrs. Shravan Sundari,’ celebrated married women in the same age bracket, highlighting their grace and charm. Lastly, Group 3, ‘Elite Shravan Sundari,’ was a category specially curated for women above the age of 35, reflecting the timeless beauty and grace that transcends age.

The stage was set, the contestants were poised, and the enthusiasm in the air was palpable. The pageant aimed to celebrate the essence of womanhood, encapsulating not just physical beauty but also inner strength, talent, and the spirit to achieve. As the event concluded, it paved the way for the next phases of the competition. The second round, which would determine the finalists, was scheduled to take place on the 27th of August 2023 at the new Vivaa College in Virar (W), while the grand finale, announcing the ultimate winners, was set to grace the Anantrao Thakur Auditorium in Par-Naka, Vasai, on the 3rd of September 2023.

In the end, the Vasai-Virar Shravan Sundari 2023 event stood as a symbol of the town’s commitment to promoting talent, grace, and elegance among its womenfolk. It was a spectacle that celebrated not just outer beauty, but also the vibrant spirit and inherent potential that reside within each woman, making Vasai-Virar a true hub of culture, talent, and empowerment.