In a move aimed at meeting the growing demand from enthusiastic travelers, the Maharashtra Maritime Board has granted approval for the operation of a second ferry in the Vasai-Bhayander Ro-Ro (Roll-on/Roll-off) services due to the overwhelming response from passengers since its commencement on February 20.

The Swarnadurg Shipping and Marine Services Private Limited initiated the experimental Ro-Ro services between Vasai and Bhayander from February 20, and since its inception until March 5, a total of 18,527 passengers have availed themselves of this convenient waterway transport. During the weekends, specifically on Saturdays and Sundays, the service operates every 45 minutes, providing a seamless journey for travelers.

Over the course of 14 days, an impressive 1,246 children, totaling 11,246 passengers, have experienced the ferry ride. Additionally, 1,224 commuters, along with 2,910 two-wheelers, 1,707 four-wheelers, and even cyclists and auto-rickshaws, have utilized this Ro-Ro service, further establishing its popularity and utility.

Responding to the positive feedback received and the occasional inconvenience faced by passengers due to ferry wait times, Swarnadurg Shipping and Marine Services proposed and obtained permission from the Maharashtra Maritime Board to introduce a second ferry. This move is expected to significantly reduce waiting times, making the Ro-Ro service more accessible to the public.

The initiation of the Ro-Ro services has not only been a boon for daily commuters but has also sparked interest among tourists. On weekends, the service has witnessed an influx of families and adventure seekers who have embraced the unique experience of traversing the waters between Vasai and Bhayander. The availability of a second ferry is anticipated to further cater to the rising demand and enhance the overall experience for both regular commuters and leisure travelers.

The first ferry, named “Janhavi,” played a pioneering role in the Ro-Ro services between Vasai and Bhayander. The Maharashtra Maritime Board’s approval of the second ferry indicates the success of the current service and the growing potential for water-based transportation in the region.

Janhavi, being the first vessel to operate in this Ro-Ro service, has garnered positive reviews for its efficiency and convenience. The introduction of a second ferry aligns with the commitment to providing a reliable and punctual mode of transportation across the water route.

A noteworthy aspect of the Ro-Ro services is its contribution to reducing traffic congestion on the roads, especially during peak hours. The availability of an alternative waterway option has not only eased the daily commute for residents but has also emerged as an environmentally friendly choice.

Swarnadurg Shipping and Marine Services expressed gratitude for the cooperation and support received from the Maharashtra Maritime Board, ensuring the smooth operation of the Ro-Ro services. The company aims to continue improving and expanding its services to meet the evolving needs of the public.

In conclusion, the introduction of a second ferry in the Vasai-Bhayander Ro-Ro services signifies a positive step towards enhancing connectivity and providing a reliable water transportation option for the residents and visitors alike. As the popularity of the Ro-Ro services continues to grow, these water-based commuting options are likely to play a crucial role in the region’s overall transportation network.