In a deeply disturbing incident that has sent shockwaves through the peaceful community of Nalasopara East, a 30-year-old woman was discovered dead in her rented home, her body in an advanced state of decomposition. The police suspect that she fell victim to a brutal murder, with her live-in partner, Amol Dabholkar, believed to be the prime suspect. The alleged details of the crime are chilling, as it’s reported that the victim’s throat was slit, and her left ankle was brutally chopped. The investigation is ongoing, and police teams are tirelessly working to apprehend Dabholkar, who has reportedly gone on the run.

The gruesome discovery has left the community in shock and disbelief, as residents grapple with the heinous nature of the crime. Authorities are trying to piece together the events that led to this horrifying incident. A senior police officer revealed, “It seems that the killer tried to chop off her body but got discouraged or scared. It will be confirmed only when he is questioned after the arrest.” Another officer added that after the murder, the perpetrator appeared to have attempted to break the woman’s bones, as the victim’s body exhibited multiple fractures.

This shocking incident came to light when the deceased woman’s sister came forward with information that led to the registration of a First Information Report (FIR). Dabholkar now faces charges under IPC Section 302, which pertains to murder, as well as Sections 66E and 67D of the Information Technology (IT) Act.

Narendra Nagarkar, the senior inspector of the Tulinj police station, shared, “Our investigations are underway. The accused is on the run, but we will arrest him soon.” The authorities have taken swift action in response to this gruesome event, forming three specialized teams to locate and apprehend the accused. The Crime Branch of Mira Bhayandar Vasai Virar (MBVV) police is also actively involved in parallel investigations to bring the suspect to justice.

To shed light on the victim’s background, it has been revealed that she hailed from Chiplun and was estranged from her husband. Her life took a fateful turn when she allegedly began a relationship with Amol Dabholkar in Chiplun, despite his marital status. According to the police, Dabholkar lured the woman with the promise of marriage after divorcing his wife. Subsequently, the woman gave birth to a child by Dabholkar, but the relationship was fraught with conflict. Their disputes largely revolved around Dabholkar’s failure to fulfill his promise of divorcing his wife and marrying her. Unable to appease the woman, Dabholkar decided to end the relationship, taking the child with him.

In 2023, the woman relocated to Mumbai and began working as a housekeeping staff in Lower Parel. She lived in a chawl in Nalasopara East, where the tragic events would later unfold. The victim’s sister disclosed in the FIR that Dabholkar had followed her to Nalasopara, and they decided to put their acrimonious past behind them, choosing to live together.

The unraveling of this disturbing narrative points to a pivotal incident on October 25. The victim’s husband visited her sister’s home on an errand and witnessed a confrontation between the victim and Dabholkar. It’s reported that Dabholkar accused the woman of being unfaithful, sparking a heated argument. The sister shared, “Dabholkar picked up a fight with her as he suspected she was being unfaithful.” She further disclosed that Dabholkar’s anger escalated when the victim visited her village for two days during Navratri, and he allegedly assaulted her upon her return to Nalasopara on October 25.

The following day, on October 26, the sister visited the victim’s home at 4 pm but found the house locked. She made inquiries and called her sister at 8 pm, only to have Dabholkar answer the call. Dabholkar informed her that the victim had left for work at 6 am that morning. Concerned for her sister’s well-being, the sister made further attempts to reach her.

On October 27, at approximately 11 am, she once again tried to contact her sister but was met with Dabholkar’s response, claiming that he, too, was searching for her. It wasn’t until around 1 pm, with the sister’s husband present, that a disturbing turn of events occurred. Dabholkar sent them explicit videos and photos of the victim allegedly interacting with other men. The distraught family promptly deleted the offensive content.

The horrific crime was unveiled at 2 pm on October 27 when an unbearable stench began to emanate from the chawl. Concerned neighbors alerted the authorities, and a police team arrived on the scene to make a gruesome discovery: the decomposed body of the woman, covered in maggots. In close proximity to the victim’s remains, the murder weapon, a kitchen knife, was recovered.

The community and the victim’s family have been left in a state of shock and anguish as they grapple with the horrifying events that have transpired in their peaceful neighborhood. Authorities are committed to pursuing justice for the victim and apprehending the person responsible for this reprehensible crime. The investigation is ongoing, and the diligent efforts of law enforcement officers continue in their quest for answers and closure in this tragic case.