In Vasai, two popular tourist spots, Tungareshwar and Chinchoti, are known for their scenic beauty but also for being accident-prone, especially during the monsoon season. The Forest Department has now banned tourism at these locations to ensure the safety of visitors. Over the years, several accidents have taken place here, prompting authorities to restrict access to some areas during the rainy season.

Heavy Rainfall Increases Risks

As the monsoon sets in, Vasai’s beaches, waterfalls, and dams become major attractions for tourists. Heavy rainfall in the past two weeks has caused rivers, streams, waterfalls, and dams to overflow, drawing even more visitors to these spots. Tungareshwar, in particular, is a lush green area that attracts many tourists looking for a nature retreat. It offers a combination of scenic beauty and jungle safaris, attracting nature lovers, photographers, bird watchers, and wildlife enthusiasts in large numbers. Additionally, Tungareshwar is home to an ancient Shiva temple that sees a significant number of devotees throughout the year. Similarly, Chinchoti also draws large crowds. However, the rocks near these waterfalls become very slippery during the rains, increasing the risk of accidents.

Drinking and Recklessness

Despite a ban on alcohol consumption, many tourists flout the rules and drink at these spots, often causing disturbances. Under the influence of alcohol, some even venture into the waterfalls, leading to accidents. Every year, considering the risk of accidents during the monsoon, the district administration and police impose a tourism ban in the Palghar district, including a 1-kilometer radius around popular tourist spots. This year, the Forest Department has enforced this ban again.

Tourists Ignoring Warnings

Many tourists take risks by entering the waterfalls at Tungareshwar and Chinchoti, resulting in accidents. Last year, three children drowned in the waterfall here. There have been several such incidents in the past, yet tourists continue to flock to these places. Considering the danger, the Forest Range Officer of Tungareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary has banned entry into the accident-prone areas of these two spots. While visitors can still explore the sanctuary with permission, entering the waterfalls, rivers, streams, slippery paths, and dangerous edges is strictly prohibited. The Forest Department urges tourists to adhere to these rules for their safety.

Preventing Accidents

  • Decision to Avoid Mishaps
  • Action Against Violators