In a concerning turn of events, the primary health centers (PHCs) and sub-centers in Vasai taluka have been left in dire straits. The municipal corporation had earlier requested the transfer of three primary health centers and twelve sub-centers to its jurisdiction. This request had been approved by the State Public Health Department. However, due to a delay in the transfer process caused by internal disputes between the district council and the municipality, these health centers are now in a state of neglect, affecting the timely provision of healthcare services.

This alarming situation has put the health and well-being of the residents of Vasai at risk. The need for immediate restoration and maintenance of these health centers is evident. If these issues are not addressed promptly, it may lead to the relocation of healthcare services from these centers to the municipal corporation, a move that has been demanded by concerned citizens.

The Vasai Taluka comprises several areas, including Navghar, Chandansar, Bhataane, Nalasopara, Agashi, Kamane, Palghar, among others, where a total of 32 sub-centers serve the local population. These centers play a crucial role in delivering healthcare services to the residents. However, due to negligence in maintenance and infrastructure issues, several centers have fallen into disrepair. Some locations have even reported issues with the buildings, such as leaks and structural damage. For instance, the Mandvi sub-center has a leaking roof, and the solar panels at the Parol center have become non-functional, requiring urgent repairs. These various problems have made it challenging for healthcare providers to access the centers, forcing some to treat patients in dimly lit conditions. In some cases, patients have to be physically carried into the buildings due to the poor condition of access pathways.

Former President of Vasai-Virar City Youth Congress, Kuldeep Vartak, along with public health and family welfare minister Dr. Tanaji Sawant and Palghar Guardian Minister Ravindra Chavan, has drawn attention to the deplorable state of these health centers. They have jointly appealed to the relevant authorities for immediate intervention to restore these centers to optimal working condition.

Moreover, the primary health centers under the Vasai-Virar Municipal Corporation’s jurisdiction are also facing challenges. These centers, which are supposed to provide essential healthcare services, have witnessed a decline in the quality of healthcare due to a shortage of resources and staff. As a result, the number of patients seeking treatment at these centers has decreased significantly. To address this issue and provide adequate healthcare facilities to the residents, the municipal corporation has proposed the transfer of sub-centers in Soapara, Nirmal, and Chandansar to its jurisdiction. They have also requested the transfer of sub-centers in Naigaon, Sandor, Umela, Nirmal, Chandansar, Pelhar, Bolinj, Gokhivare, Juchandra, Sativali, and Waliv to the municipal corporation’s purview. These requests were made to the State Health Department by Nalasopara’s MLA Kshitij Thakur.

While the State Government approved the transfer of primary health centers to the municipal corporation in 2021, the actual transfer has not taken place due to various bureaucratic hurdles and conditions imposed. Consequently, these health centers continue to languish in neglect, leaving the residents without proper healthcare services.

The demand for transferring these centers to the municipal corporation is gaining momentum, with local residents expressing their concerns about the deteriorating state of health facilities. They fear that further delays in transferring these centers could compromise the health and well-being of the people in Vasai and Palghar.

In conclusion, the condition of health centers in Vasai and Palghar has become a cause for concern. While the municipality and the district council engage in disputes, the residents are the ones who suffer the most. Timely healthcare is a basic necessity, and the neglect of these health centers jeopardizes the health of the entire community. It is imperative that the authorities resolve their differences and take immediate action to ensure that these vital healthcare facilities are restored to their optimal state. The health and well-being of the people should always be a top priority, and it is the responsibility of the authorities to ensure that these centers are fully operational and well-maintained.