In a significant historical moment, the family of the Vasai Fort Initiative has announced the unveiling of India’s first national flag as part of the Vasai Campaign for Independence. Following this event, flags will also be hoisted at around 40 diverse historical sites across the district.

On August 22, 1907, in the German city of Stuttgart, an international socialist conference took place. Representing India at the event was Madame Kamala Nehru, who unfurled the Union Jack of the British on stage, envisioning a free India. This event marks its 116th anniversary this year. The Vasai Fort Initiative has dedicated the past 16 years to echoing the patriotic call of India’s national flag at various historical sites in the district. The campaign will begin on August 19 at dawn, when the first tricolor will be raised at the Chimaji Appa Memorial in Vasai Fort.

Esteemed literary figure Veena Gavankar and former Mayor Praveen Shetty will be present on this occasion. Subsequently, over two days – Saturday and Sunday – the national flag will be unfurled at 40 historical sites across the district. These sites include 15 forts, 25 temples, memorials, watchtowers, forts, ancient ports, and more. Following the flag hoisting, these sites will also serve as guides to educate visitors about the history associated with them. Leading the Vasai Campaign for Independence is Shridatt Rao, who will provide insights into the initiative.

India’s first national flag is now housed in Pune’s Kesariwada. This flag, a witness to India’s struggle for freedom and its diverse historical journey, replaces the British colonial symbols that adorned it during the pre-independence era. This initiative aims to pass down this information to the newer generations. Every nation around the world has its own flag, representing freedom and dignity to its people. This flag signifies the collective memory of India’s freedom struggle and diverse historical evolution. Notably, it has been a century in the making, showcasing a steadfast commitment to this endeavor.

  1. Madame Kamala Nehru unfurled India’s inaugural national flag on August 22, 1907, during an international conference in Stuttgart, Germany.
  2. In August 1937, this flag arrived in India. A grand procession marked its journey, with freedom fighter Savarkar significantly contributing to its unveiling. The flag was intricately designed, featuring a sequence of 34 spinning chakras and a 35th, representing the “Tiranga” (tricolor) we know today.