In the quiet suburbs of Virar, a series of house break-ins and thefts had been causing sleepless nights for the residents. However, the local police department, after weeks of diligent investigation, finally managed to crack the case wide open. They arrested a trio from a notorious Gujarati gang, responsible for at least two major thefts in the area, recovering stolen goods worth over 124,000 rupees. This news piece delves into the intricacies of the case, the methodical approach by the police, and the relief it brought to the community.

The breakthrough came on a Monday when the Public Relations Officer, Praveen Bangosavi, announced the apprehension of the culprits. The gang, comprising three individuals, had managed to execute a sophisticated heist on the 9th of February, targeting the residence of Anand Jain, a 43-year-old man living in Vithal Hari Tower. The thieves exploited a sliding window adjacent to the balcony, making away with gold rings, lockets, earrings, other pieces of gold jewelry, and a significant amount of cash, all amounting to nearly 197,000 rupees.

Upon receiving the complaint, the Virar police sprang into action, filing a case of burglary. Under the guidance of senior officers, the Crime Detection Unit meticulously planned their move. They divided themselves into four specialized teams, each tasked with a different aspect of the investigation. Their relentless pursuit for justice was significantly aided by the CCTV footage obtained from the vicinity of the crime scene. It provided the investigators with crucial leads, eventually pointing them towards Vapi, where the suspects were believed to be hiding.

In a covert operation, based on a tip-off and technical intelligence, the police managed to corner the suspects. Two were apprehended in Vapi, while the third was caught in Uran, all nabbed swiftly without giving them a chance to evade capture. The arrested individuals were identified as Deepak Bhakiyadar, also known as Bobadya, aged 28; Mohamad Tariq Khan, known as Tinkle, aged 32; and Dharmendra Paswan, aged 35.

During interrogation, the police recovered 12.520 grams of gold jewelry, two mobile phones from different companies, and 33,000 rupees in cash, totaling the recovered loot to approximately 124,000 rupees. Moreover, it was revealed that these culprits were involved in not one but two crimes, showcasing their recurrent pattern of criminal activity.

The criminal backgrounds of the arrested individuals were alarming. Deepak was found to have 13 different charges filed against him in various police stations across Gujarat, while Mohamad Tariq had 6 charges. This discovery underscored the interstate nature of their criminal operations and their long history of law violations.

The successful operation was the result of the collective effort of the Virar police department, led by Deputy Commissioner Suhas Bavche, Assistant Commissioner Ramchandra Deshmukh, Senior Police Inspector Vijay Pawar, and Inspector (Crime) Sushilkumar Shinde, along with the dedicated members of the Crime Detection Unit. This team’s relentless pursuit not only brought the culprits to justice but also recovered a significant portion of the stolen property, providing some solace to the victims.

This case highlights the persistent challenges law enforcement faces with interstate criminal gangs. However, it also showcases the effectiveness of thorough investigative work, technical intelligence, and the crucial role of community vigilance. The residents of Virar can breathe a little easier, knowing that their police force is actively working to keep their homes safe from such predatory criminals. The arrest of the Gujarati gang serves as a stark reminder of the risks lurking in seemingly peaceful communities and the constant need for vigilance, both by the public and by law enforcement agencies.