After 36 years, the suspect in the Salim Cassette Wala murder case has been arrested by the Manikpur Police. The incident dates back to 1988 when Salim Cassette Wala was brutally murdered in Vasai, near Mumbai. The prime suspect, Clemen Lobo, also known as Munna, had been on the run since then. However, the authorities finally managed to apprehend him.

Salim Cassette Wala was a well-known figure in Vasai during the 1990s. The area was notorious for its high crime rate, with incidents of violence occurring frequently on its streets. Salim owned a cassette shop and held significant influence in the locality. He was the elder brother of Siraj Kamal, a prominent activist for Bahujan Vikas Aghadi and a cable businessman.

The murder took place in 1988 when Salim went to enjoy some panipuri with his son near Dattatray Shopping Center at Vasai’s Manikpur Road . Around 7:30 in the evening, a group of seven individuals attacked him on the street, leading to his tragic demise. The motive behind the murder was believed to be an old rivalry. At that time, Vasai had only one police station, and the local authorities swiftly arrested six individuals in connection with the case. However, the main suspect, Clemen Lobo alias Munna, managed to evade capture and remained at large for decades.

The breakthrough in the case came when the Manikpur Police decided to reinvestigate it. After receiving information about Clemen Lobo’s return from abroad to Vasai, the police acted swiftly and apprehended him. He has been handed over to the Vasai Police Station for further investigation into the case.