In a heart-wrenching incident, a seven-year-old girl drowned in the swimming pool of a resort in Vasai’s Rangaon area. The tragic event occurred on Wednesday afternoon around 1 PM at a resort named HD. This is the second such incident in the past month where a young child has lost their life in the pool of a resort in the area.

The little girl, Samiksha Jadhav, lived with her grandmother in Bhandup. With the summer holidays in full swing, Samiksha, her grandmother, and 14 other women decided to spend a day at the resort. The group arrived at the resort and enjoyed their morning in the pool. Around 1 PM, everyone got out of the pool for lunch. While her grandmother and the other women stood in line for food, Samiksha somehow managed to slip away unnoticed and returned to the pool.

Unfortunately, Samiksha began to drown. Her cries for help were noticed too late. By the time she was pulled out of the water, she was unconscious due to water entering her nose and mouth. She was rushed to Cardinal Gracias Hospital in Vasai’s Bangli area, but the doctors there declared her dead on arrival. The Vasai police have registered a case of accidental death.

At the time of the incident, everyone was in line for lunch, and the lifeguard who was supposed to be by the pool was not at his post. Senior Police Inspector Ranjit Andhale of the Vasai police station explained that Samiksha, while playing, went back to the pool, leading to this tragic accident. Samiksha lived with her grandmother, who worked as a housemaid. Her mother had abandoned her, and her father lives in their native village. This tragic incident has left the community mourning.

This is the second such tragic incident in Rangaon within a month. On May 8, a ten-year-old girl named Riddhi, also known as Pranjal Mali, drowned in the pool of another resort in the same area called Royal Resort. In that case, the Vasai police filed charges against the resort owner under Section 304(a) of the Indian Penal Code, which pertains to causing death by negligence.

These back-to-back incidents have raised serious concerns about the safety measures at resorts, especially those with swimming pools. The absence of lifeguards during crucial times, like lunch hours, has been a significant factor in these tragedies. Resorts are expected to ensure the safety of their guests, especially children, who are often drawn to swimming pools.

The grief-stricken family and the local community are calling for stricter regulations and better safety measures to prevent such heart-breaking incidents in the future. They believe that resorts should have round-the-clock surveillance and that lifeguards should always be present and attentive, regardless of the time of day.

The loss of Samiksha has brought to light the need for immediate action to ensure the safety of all visitors, particularly children, at such recreational facilities. As the investigation continues, the police are urging all resorts to review their safety protocols and ensure that they are fully equipped to handle emergencies.

The recurring nature of these incidents is alarming and highlights a systemic issue in resort safety management. Authorities and resort owners need to collaborate and take swift action to prevent further loss of innocent lives. Safety drills, regular checks, and stringent adherence to safety norms should become mandatory to avert such unfortunate incidents.

In memory of Samiksha and Riddhi, the community is also pushing for educational programs to teach children about the dangers of swimming without supervision. They believe that better awareness and education can help prevent such tragedies.

As the investigation into Samiksha’s death unfolds, her family and friends are left with a profound sense of loss and a strong desire for justice. They hope that the authorities will take the necessary steps to ensure that no other family has to endure the pain they are going through.

This tragic incident serves as a somber reminder of the importance of vigilance and safety, especially in places meant for relaxation and enjoyment. The loss of young lives in such preventable circumstances is a stark call to action for all involved in the hospitality and leisure industry.

In the wake of these incidents, the Vasai community stands united in their grief and their call for change. They hope that the lessons learned from these tragedies will lead to a safer environment for all children in the future, ensuring that such heart-breaking incidents never happen again.