In a successful operation, the Manickpur police in Vasai have rescued three underage girls who went missing from the Chulne village. The girls, aged 15 and 13, along with a 15-year-old house maid, had disappeared from their homes, prompting the police to launch a search operation covering the dense Tungareshwar jungle, spanning approximately 7 kilometers. The operation resulted in safely recovering the girls, bringing relief to their families.

The incident unfolded in the Chulne village of Vasai, where two sisters aged 15 and 13, along with their house maid, went missing. To locate them, the police divided the search area into four sectors. Two young men associated with the missing girls were also brought in for questioning during the investigation. Consequently, the police managed to narrow down the search area, focusing on the vicinity of the girls’ residences.

Extensive efforts were made to gather information, including a thorough review of CCTV footage from around 200 locations. The footage revealed that the three girls, accompanied by the two young men, had traveled from Vasai railway station to destinations such as Dadar, Borivali, and Nallasopara. They eventually got down at Nallasopara station, from where they took a rickshaw to Vasai Phata and further proceeded to Ranjanpada and Pelhar areas.

Video Courtesy : HP Live

Following this lead, the police scrutinized CCTV cameras in the Ranjanpada vicinity. The examination of the footage provided valuable information from local residents, leading the police to understand that the missing girl was last spotted at the Tungareshwar Hills.

Subsequently, the police initiated a rescue operation starting at 8 PM, with the objective of retrieving the girls from the Tungareshwar hill. Climbing a distance of 4 kilometers and spending three hours in the dense jungle, the police successfully located the three girls along with the two young men. Evacuating them safely, the police conducted a further four-hour descent during the night, ensuring the girls’ well-being.

Senior officers leading the operation included Sub-Inspector Sunil Patil, Rohini Doke, Constable Shailesh Patil, Shamesh Chandanshive, Dhananjay Chaudhari, Govind Lavte, Ananda Gadde, Pravin Kande, and Puja Kamble.