In a recent turn of events, the Naigaon police have nabbed a gang involved in forced theft, housebreaking, and rickshaw theft. The police have successfully apprehended four suspects, who are now facing charges for eight different crimes. The information about the significant arrests and the recovery of stolen goods worth lakhs of rupees was shared by Public Relations Officer Praveen Bangosavii on Tuesday.

The incident unfolded on the morning of November 4th near Naigaon railway station when one of the culprits violently snatched a passenger’s mobile phone. Similarly, on the midnight of November 8th, a rickshaw, valued at Rs. 40,000, was stolen from Mahalaxmi Sweet Mart premises. Both incidents were reported to the Naigaon police, leading to the filing of cases related to forced theft and vehicle theft.

Following an intensive investigation, the Naigaon police arrested four individuals named Akash Bansi Jaiswal (23), Rahim Salim Khan (20), Ankush Rangnath Sajne (25), and Anant Rangnath Sajne (23) in connection with the crimes. The police conducted thorough interrogations, scrutinized CCTV footage, and utilized technical analysis to gather crucial information leading to the suspects.

After detaining the accused, the police carried out a search, recovering stolen items including rickshaws, mobile phones, and cash. The total value of the recovered goods amounts to an astounding Rs. 2,46,200. The accused are now facing charges related to theft, possession of stolen property, and other relevant offenses.

The commendable work of the Naigaon police in solving these cases was acknowledged by senior officers, including Deputy Superintendent of Police Paunima Chaugule-Shringe, Assistant Police Commissioner Padmaja Bade, Senior Police Inspector Ramesh Bhame, Police Inspector (Crime) Sagar Tilekar, and Assistant Police Inspector Roshan Deore from the Crime Detection Unit.

The dedicated efforts of Police Constables Devdass Patil, Sachin Mohite, Sachin Khatal, Jayvant Khandave, Ganesh Kekane, Amar Pawar, Chetan Thakre, and Ashok Patil, along with Amar Barde, have played a crucial role in bringing the criminals to justice.

The Naigaon police have sent a strong message to potential criminals, demonstrating their commitment to maintaining law and order in the region. The successful resolution of these cases showcases the effectiveness of diligent police work, emphasizing the importance of community cooperation in tackling crime.

This incident serves as a reminder of the challenges faced by law enforcement in ensuring public safety. The Naigaon police’s swift and efficient action in apprehending the culprits reflects their dedication to protecting the community from criminal elements. As citizens, it is crucial to remain vigilant and cooperative with law enforcement agencies to create a safer living environment for everyone.