Vasai: A picturesque coastal town on the western edge, with its beautiful shoreline, has become a breeding ground for illicit activities, particularly in the Rajodi area. The serene coastal region, which once thrived with natural beauty and abundant agricultural produce, is now witnessing the rise of unauthorized trade, openly flaunting the sale of alcohol in the sea. This unregulated business not only involves the unrestricted sale of liquor but also includes the involvement of young individuals in raucous parties along the shores of Rajodi. Additionally, there have been reports of explicit activities by couples, causing distress among the local residents, who are now demanding action against these immoral practices.

The Rajodi coastal area, blessed with coconut and betel nut orchards, flourishing vegetable and flower fields, has become a hub for nature enthusiasts and tourists. The increase in tourist footfall has led to the establishment of unauthorized resorts, lodges, and shops selling alcohol along the Rajodi coastline. However, the repercussions of this unmonitored growth have started to surface, as immoral activities have found a breeding ground along the shores of Rajodi.

The unchecked rise in indecent behavior among the youth along the Rajodi coastal areas has become a cause for concern. Parties with open alcohol consumption are a common sight on the constructed dams meant for coastal protection in Rajodi. Empty liquor bottles are often strewn across the Rajodi coastline, directly impacting the pristine environment. Moreover, makeshift tents and canopies are set up directly on the sandy shores of Rajodi for illegal business activities. The unregulated sale of alcohol to tourists in Rajodi has become a lucrative trade, further contributing to the degradation of the Rajodi coastal ecosystem.

The lack of proper oversight has led to serious safety hazards in Rajodi, with reports of short circuits caused by unauthorized electrical connections in these makeshift tents and canopies. During the monsoon season in Rajodi, the tents are susceptible to water leakage, posing a potential threat to the lives of those inside. Several months ago, a prominent political figure in Rajodi was found to be involved in the unauthorized sale of alcohol in a large hotel along the Rajodi coast, raising concerns about the prevalence of such activities in the region. Despite complaints filed by the Vasai Hotel Association regarding the illegal sale of alcohol in resorts and lodges along the Rajodi coast, the state’s excise department has yet to take concrete action.

The surge in immoral activities along the Rajodi coastal areas has become alarming, prompting locals to voice their concerns. The rampant sale of alcohol, the raucous parties, and the explicit behavior of some couples have collectively tarnished the once pristine image of the Rajodi coastline in Vasai. The demand for intervention and regulation in Rajodi is gaining momentum as residents seek to restore the sanctity of their beloved coastal town.

In conclusion, Rajodi in Vasai, once a haven for nature lovers, is now overshadowed by the dark clouds of unregulated activities. The unchecked growth of unauthorized resorts, lodges, and the sale of alcohol along the Rajodi shores has not only jeopardized the natural beauty of the region but has also led to a surge in immoral practices. The community’s plea for intervention in Rajodi is a testament to the urgent need for authorities to address the situation and restore Vasai’s coastal allure.