In a significant crackdown, the Mandvi police in Vasai arrested Jagdish Sardarmal Sutar, an aluminum scrap dealer from Bhavnagar, Gujarat, for his involvement in the illegal trade of aluminum scrap. Sutar, who operates across several states in India, was caught in a police operation, resulting in the seizure of a massive amount totaling 20 lakh rupees.

The investigation began when some informants tipped off the authorities about the large-scale availability of scrap in Vasai, Medhegaon, and other areas. Acting on this information, the accused approached Sagar Metal Company, providing them with the GST number and building trust for the scrap transaction.

The accused, identifying themselves as independent scrap dealers and agents in the aluminum scrap business, then negotiated with Sutar. A deal was struck for the purchase of 15 tons of aluminum scrap at the rate of 157 rupees per kilogram, totaling 27 lakh, 87 thousand, and 236 rupees. The scrap was loaded onto a truck for delivery. However, before the delivery, the accused transferred the entire amount to Sagar Metal Company’s account under the pretext of GST.

Once the money was deposited, the accused promptly transferred the funds to various other accounts and promptly closed their mobile numbers. The authorities were alerted when discrepancies were noticed, leading to the Mandvi police taking immediate action. A case was registered against the accused, and a thorough investigation was initiated.

Following their lead, the police tracked down the accused to Kalyan-Shilphata, leading to the arrest of three individuals. During interrogation, the third accused, who was attempting to flee to Uttar Pradesh by train, was apprehended at Nashik Road Railway Station. The meticulous examination of the train schedule and the time gap helped the GRP (Government Railway Police) trace the suspect.

Further investigations revealed that the accused had committed similar crimes in locations such as Kalyan, Kharghar, Taloja, Dhule, Aurangabad, and Delhi over the past six years. This information was uncovered through an in-depth probe conducted by the Kalyan crime branch.

All the accused hail from North India, with their names identified as Ashokkumar Dallaram Prajapati, Omprakash Ramvilas Shukla, Dharmendrakumar Baban Singh, and Sahabuddin Moinuddin Khan. To complicate matters, the accused frequently changed their names, mobile numbers, making it challenging for authorities to apprehend them promptly.

Upon their arrest, the police recovered 15 mobile phones, 2 stamps, stamp pads, 4 mobile batteries, 10 ATM cards from various banks, 3 checkbooks, 1 mobile charger, 4 SIM cards, a watch, Aadhaar card, PAN card, a swipe card, and a car with cash.

The successful operation was a result of the collaborative efforts of senior officers, including Senior Police Inspector Prafull Vagh, Police Inspector Ashok Kamble, Sub-Inspector Chandrakant Patil, and constables Rajendra Phad, Tarware, Sambhaji Lohde, Ganesh Dhamke, Amol Salunkhe Dhone, and Sohel Sheikh, along with Kashmiri Singh.

The arrest and recovery of substantial evidence highlight the dedication of law enforcement agencies in cracking down on organized crime. The accused now face charges of fraud and money laundering, and the police are determined to bring them to justice. This operation serves as a stern warning to others contemplating similar illicit activities in the region.