The Mira-Bhayander-Vasai Virar (MBVV) police have busted a notorious gang of thieves who wreaked havoc in the area with a series of vehicle thefts and burglaries. Worried about the increasing incidents of theft, the Crime Investigation Department along with the police started strict action to arrest the criminals.

The gang’s most recent target was a residence in Mandwadevi Colony, where they looted a substantial amount of cash & valuables. In response to this alarming incident, the investigative team quickly activated its network of informants and increased patrolling efforts throughout the city. Acting on information provided by a reliable informer, the team managed to nab four members of the notorious gang and surprisingly, one of them was a woman.

The suspects have been identified as Raju Kailas Jaiswal, Ajit Sandeep Sahu, Sheela Jaiswal and Navneet Dilip Vishwakarma alias Ravana. Tireless investigators have linked the gang to an astonishing 17 cases of theft, and during their arrests, they have successfully recovered stolen items worth more than Rs. 5.51 lakh from the possession of the quartet.

The accused were remanded to jail in a quick court hearing, awaiting additional investigation & trial. The police have praised the efforts of their crime detection unit & informer network in destroying the criminal group and putting an end to their illicit operations.