Police officers of the Crime Branch in Mira Bhayandar Vasai Virar (MBVV) recently went to great lengths to capture a chain snatcher in Ambivali, Thane district. They went undercover, disguising themselves as fruit sellers, eatery owners, and an autorickshaw driver. For two weeks, they didn’t shave or bathe, wore tattered slippers and soiled clothes, just to conduct reconnaissance in the area. Eventually, they managed to apprehend Abbas Amjad Irani, a 24-year-old suspect. To avoid locals attacking them, the officers literally carried Irani on their shoulders for over 500 meters and crossed railway tracks to arrest him.

According to a source in Crime Branch unit-2, Irani was involved in chain snatching cases registered at Manikpur police station last February. The police went to Ambivali to arrest him, but his gang-members alerted the community, and the cops returned empty-handed. Knowing that the Irani community is known for throwing stones at the police when they come to arrest a chain snatcher, the police had to think hard to outsmart Irani in his den.

After five visits to Ambivali, the officers found a hotel where Irani always dined, and the Crime Branch sleuths managed to catch him on April 3. “Two of our officers tried to stop his motorcycle when he arrived, and he fell. Two more of our officers nearby joined. The four officers then lifted Irani and crossed the railway tracks, walking across 500 meters and bundled him into an autorickshaw. It was driven to a police vehicle, and we brought him to Vasai for further investigation,” said Inspector Sahuraj Ranaware, in-charge of Crime Branch unit-2.

The Crime Branch sleuths had even heard rumors that someone had been killed. By the time the Irani gang members learned that no murder had taken place, the police had already crossed halfway to Vasai with Irani.

DCP (Crime Branch) Avinash Ambure stated, “Irani is involved in seven cases of chain snatching incidents in Vasai Virar-Nalasopara. He is also accused in 21 cases registered in Mumbai and Thane district. There are two MCOCA cases against him.” Ranaware added that Irani was trained by his father and uncle, who are also in police custody, and that more than 100 chain snatching cases are registered against Irani in Delhi.

The Operation

Undercover Efforts to Apprehend Chain-Snatcher in Thane

  1. Crime Branch Officers Go Undercover

    In an effort to apprehend 24-year-old chain snatcher Abbas Amjad Irani in Ambivali, Thane, Crime Branch officers went undercover and blended in with the locals, assuming roles such as rickshaw drivers, fruit sellers, and buyers to conduct reconnaissance.

  2. Accused Arrives

    When Irani arrived on his bike to dine at a hotel, two police officers attempted to grab him, but during the scuffle, he fell to the ground.

  3. Accused Is Overpowered

    Two additional officers nearby joined the scene and helped overpower him. The four officers then swiftly carried Irani on their shoulders.

  4. Accused Carried On Shoulders To Rickshaw

    They accompanied him on foot from Vasai West to Vasai East, crossing the railway tracks, until they reached a waiting rickshaw.

  5. Accused Transported To Police Vehicle

    He was placed into the rickshaw driven by a Crime Branch officer and transported towards a waiting police vehicle.

  6. Accused taken to Crime Branch Unit-2 At Vasai

    After putting him in the police vehicle, they took him to the Crime Branch Unit-2 office located in Vasai.