Woman commuting in ladies compartment of local train attacked, robbed at vasai

Woman commuting in ladies compartment of local train attacked, robbed at vasai

A 29-year-old woman commuting alone in the ladies compartment of a local train was attacked and robbed by a man at Vasai. Government Railway Police (GRP) are scanning CCTV footage from railway stations between Vasai and Naigaon to identify the man. The woman was left bleeding from the head and had to take stitches.

The Vasai resident was out to meet a friend as it was her day off from work. Around 7.40pm, she entered the secondclass middle ladies coach of an Andheri slow local from platform 1 of Vasai station, and was seated with her back to the door. As the train started, a man boarded the compartment and tried to snatch her phone.

“The woman was taken by surprise as she had not seen him enter. He repeatedly hit her on the forehead and her face with a hard object. She resisted and while grappling with her, he flung it outside the train,” said a police officer. The man then snatched her gold chain, which broke, so he picked up part of it and jumped off at Naigaon.

The woman, who was bleeding from her forehead and was traumatised, alighted at Naigaon and went to a hospital, where she got stitches. After consulting her family, she approached Vasai GRP post and lodged a complaint on Sunday.

“The man had been roaming on the platform at Vasai before noticing her seated alone in the ladies compartment. We suspect he is a habitual criminal,” said an officer. A case of robbery has been registered under IPC.

In November 2020, a 22-year-old woman was molested and robbed by two men in the general compartment of a local between Borivli and Kandivli stations close to midnight. Neither of the accused were previously acquainted with each other but teamed up on the spot. One of the accused, Omprakash Dikshit, was held.

In another incident, a physically challenged woman commuter was punched in her face in the handicapped coach at Ram Mandir station by an offender who fled with her purse. The woman’s lip was bleeding. Within hours, the accused, Samadhan Shendge, was picked up. 

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