Virar teen invents wristband from scrap to keep coronavirus at bay; proposal sent to PM Modi, ICMR

Virar teen invents wristband from scrap to keep coronavirus at bay; proposal sent to PM Modi, ICMR

14-year-old Harsh Chaudhari, a resident of Virar, Maharashtra, has invented a unique wristband that can keep a person from frequently touching his/her face. Thereby, the device can prevent the spread of coronavirus. By wearing the band, the urge to shake hands with other people can also be avoided.

Harsh has already sent the proposal of his device to the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), New Delhi, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He is awaiting a response on his request to demonstrate the wristband.

Harsh studies in Xth standard at National English High School, Virar. His father, Kunjan (50), deals in used cars while mother, Shraddha, is a BMC teacher at an Andheri school. His sister Krisha, 7, studies in the 2nd grade.

A person touches his/her face 10 times in an hour on an average and by doing so, he/she could spread Covid-19 and many other infections. “By wearing the wristband, the urge to touch the face can be stopped,” Harsh said, adding that, “my device can also kill coronavirus by electronegative ionisation of hydroxide ions”.

“The electronegative ionized solution will already be inserted in the band with a pallet on it,” Harsh said. The device is waterproof so a person does not need to remove it while washing their hands.

The device can detect a person shaking hands with another. A buzzer will go off when the device detects the activity, thereby preventing a person from shaking hands and from touching the face. The band also works in silent mode, if the person does not want to hear the buzzer, the band can work on a vibrator mode as well.

The wristband was made out of scrap collected from his house. Harsh put together a buzzer, switch, button cell, tilt sensor, aluminum foil, plastic tubing and other materials to create the device.

“Due to the lockdown, I could not procure the materials so I sourced them from what was available at my house,” he said. Harsh’s father has also set up a small laboratory for him in his house so that he can conduct his experiments. “School students could visit the laboratory but due to the lockdown, the activity is stopped,” said Harsh.

Production plan

The cost of one wristband comes to around Rs 90. Harsh plans to mass-produce the bands and sell them for around Rs 40 each. “I am waiting for the patent to be registered after the lockdown is lifted so that the production can be started and I can source raw materials from shops. I have received a huge response from locals for the wristband,” Harsh said.

Ventilated mask

Harsh has also invented a ventilated mask which has an inbuilt fan that can keep a person cool. “Police personnel and medical staff have to wear the PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) while dealing with coronavirus patients. While wearing the PPE, the plastic screen gets foggy due to lack of ventilation and the exhalation of carbon dioxide. My ventilated mask will circulate air and also prevent fogginess of the plastic screen. Thus, a person can get fresh air and the longevity of the PPE is also extended,” he stated.

Proposal to ICMR and PM Modi

In late March, Harsh had sent his proposals to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the ICMR. He is awaiting a response. Harsh expects PM Modi and the ICMR to show interest in his innovation. After the lockdown is lifted, his father will apply for the patent on Harsh’s two inventions.

Pride of school

Deepak Kulkarni, Principal at National English High School, said the school is proud of Harsh. “Right from the beginning, he has shown sparks of a scientist and is academically very bright. He actively participates in our school’s scientific workshop along with his classmates,” Kulkarni said. “I am sure he will make our school proud,” he added.

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