Teen tries to end life after being harassed at school

Teen tries to end life after being harassed at school

A 14-year-old girl allegedly tried to end her life over sustained harassment by her schoolteacher last month. The Waliv police have filed a non-cognisable complaint against the teacher and have issued a notice to her.

Complaint to principal gets no response; NC filed against teacher

According to the victim’s parents, the girl is a Class X student in a school based in Vasai (East). On February 26, the victim failed to wish her teacher, a woman, good morning while passing her by, as she was running late for her internal exams.

“The teacher called me and questioned my values and I apologised, saying I did not notice her, and left. After the test, she called me aside again and started scolding me over my younger brother’s pending fees. She asked me why he is studying in an English medium school if we can not afford the fees,” the victim said, adding that a complaint to the principal went unnoticed.

On February 27, the teacher allegedly threatened to tear the victim’s hall ticket as her father had complained to the principal. She also threatened to use her influence with the State Education Board and get the girl failed in her exams.

The victim’s mother said, “My daughter came home crying and was looking for something in the cupboard when I intervened. She told me that she did not want to live any more, and I had to slap her to pull her together. She was depressed and afraid of failing in her exams. I approached the principal, but he dismissed the matter.”

The family then sought the help of a local NGO and approached the Waliv police on Monday, and an NC of criminal intimidation under the Indian Penal Code was filed.

“The offence as described by the victim only warrants an NC. We have recorded a statement from the concerned teacher, who claims she did not intimidate the victim and only asked about the pending fees. We have issued her a notice as well,” police inspector Vilas Chaugule said.

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