MBVV cops busts call centre, arrest 6 men for duping people in name of share trading

MBVV cops busts call centre, arrest 6 men for duping people in name of share trading

Officials from the Mira Bhayandar – Vasai Virar (MBVV) police’s cyber cell busted an illegal call centre in Vasai and arrested six individuals, including the operator, who reportedly lured and deceived people into investing in shares under the guise of making enormous gains.

A squad led by API Pravin Swami and under the direction of DCP (Crime) Dr. Mahesh Patil raided an apartment in Vasai’s Ambadi Road neighbourhood and discovered six suspects operating a phoney contact centre. Adil Yusuf Memon (28), Hussain Noman Bundiwala (22), Hujefa Akbar Barainwala (25), Murtuja Hujema Bhandupurwala (19), and Hussain Shabbir Sanjanwala are the accused (23)

The police squad discovered details of 10 bank accounts that were used to complete the fraudulent transactions in addition to seizing 16 mobile phones and 48 SIM cards. The accused dialed random numbers around the country to entice their victims into downloading applications, only to defraud them of their hard-earned money under the premise of lucrative investment returns, according to authorities.

At the Manickpur police station in Vasai, an offence has been registered under the relevant sections of the IPC and the Information and Technology Act in this regard. The police have asked to more fooled victims to come forward and lodge their charges against the fraudsters, not ruling out the possibility of them being involved in further similar crimes with a similar basic approach. Further investigations are underway.

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