In Vasai, a teen drowns in a pit at a building site

In Vasai, a teen drowns in a pit at a building site

According to a civic official, a 16-year-old boy perished in a water-filled trench at a building site in Vasai, Maharashtra’s Palghar district, on Thursday.

According to the official, a group of eight youngsters from Shirdi Nagar in Nalla Sopara were roaming around the building site when they stumbled found the pit and decided to swim in it. Some guys spotted Ketan Tiwari drowning and tried to pull him out of the pit, but the child slipped and fell back in, according to him.

Around 5 p.m., firemen from the Virar-Vasai Municipal Corporation arrived on the site and fished out the body using a bamboo stick, according to the official.

Divakar Singh, Deputy Chief of Vasai SS Unit, said the builder had failed to take any precautions to keep people away from the hole and that action should be taken against him.

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