Drunk neighbour kidnaps 2-year-old boy to sell him to begging ring

Drunk neighbour kidnaps 2-year-old boy to sell him to begging ring

A man in Vasai area of Mumbai kidnapped his neighbor’s minor son allegedly to sell him to a begging ring. The minor, however, was reunited with his family within two hours of the kidnapping. The accused has been identified as Sunny Yadav. 

On Monday, a 2-year-old child was abducted by his drunk neighbour in Mumbai’s Vasai

The accused, identified as Sunny Yadav, was allegedly planning to sell the minor to a begging ring

The child was reunited with his kin around two hours after being kidnapped

Yadav is a resident of Khairpada in Vasai (East). The kidnapped minor’s parents have been identified as Poonam and Akhilesh. 

Accused took minor to play with him

On Monday, Yadav approached Poonam and asked her if he could take her child Ankush to his home as he wanted to play with him. Poonam agreed and the accused took Ankush with him. When Yadav did not return with the two-year-old after a long time, Poonam decided to visit his residence.

When Poonam went to Yadav’s residence, she saw that his house had been locked. Poonam tried to contact Yadav on his mobile phone but all her calls went unanswered. Failing to locate the accused, Poonam called her husband, who turned to the police for help. 

According to The Times of India’s report, the aggrieved couple went to the Valiv police station and informed the cops about their missing child. Some people living in the nearby areas told the police that they had seen Yadav with the minor child. 

Accused arrested on local train

While the police were trying to trace the accused, a Government Railway Police (RPF) team at Dahisar was informed about a suspicious-looking man who was travelling with a child. The police reached the spot and intercepted Yadav. While being interrogated, Yadav allegedly started dodging questions. According to the police, the accused was in an inebriated state during this time. 

When the police interrogated further, the accused confessed to kidnapping the child. The police are yet to find out if the accused intended to demand a ransom from the child’s parents or if he was being paid to sell him to a begging ring. 

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