Dial 112 for emergency in Mira-Bhayandar Vasai-Virar

Dial 112 for emergency in Mira-Bhayandar Vasai-Virar

On Wednesday, the newly constituted Mira Bhayandar Vasai Virar (MBVV) police commissioner activated the emergency number “112” for inhabitants of Mira Road, Bhayandar, Naigaon, Vasai, Nalasopara, and Virar. The distress calls will be responded to by beat marshals.

“It’s a government initiative where all emergency services would be linked into one helpline 112,” said Vijaykant Sagar, Deputy Commissioner of Police (headquarters). Our control room will receive the call, and officers will relay the message to the nearest beat marshal.” The commissioner has 13 police stations and beat marshals in each has two MDT (Mobile Data Transfer) devices and one vehicle-mounted device to address distress calls.


According to a police officer, each MDT device costs 1.50 lakh. “The MDT gadget is GPS enabled, which aids the Control Room in locating patrolling beat marshals who can reach citizens as soon as possible,” Sagar explained. While on duty, beat marshals must connect to the internet-enabled gadget to activate.

“Beat marshals can map the region and plot the route. “Beat marshals have three built-in microphones, so individuals in crisis can hear them clearly even if they are in a noisy environment,” stated another officer. The MDT gadget was taught to beat marshals over the course of three days.

It will ring nonstop till the message from the control room is addressed,” said beat marshal Ranjeet Singh Rajput. Beat marshals are the first officers to arrive on the scene. The beat marshal would have to enter his observations on the gadget after assisting the citizen.

“On-the-spot observations are included in the notes. The GPS tracking will allow the control room to follow the location of the beat marshals and provide reinforcements more quickly in an emergency,” the officer noted.

Complaint Box in city

Sadanand Date, the MBVV police chief, ordered the placement of Women/Children Complaint Boxes at bus stops, education centers, market areas, near railway stations, police stations/chowkies, parks, and other locations. The notion arose in the aftermath of the rape and murder of Sakinaka earlier this month.

MBVV Commissioner of Police Sadanand Date.

Many ladies do not desire to expose their identity if they are being harassed,” Manikpur police station Senior Police Inspector Bhausaheb Ahir remarked. It’s possible that some people won’t be able to get to the police station to register a complaint. They can now file complaints in the complaint box. We’ll endeavor to fix the problem or, if necessary, take unilateral action,” Ahir added.

The installation began on Wednesday, with approximately a dozen boxes being installed at each police station. On Tuesday, Date visited with policewomen to learn about their issues and solicit their suggestions for improved policing and a healthy work environment. Many female cops applauded the move.

No. of police stations under MBVV commissionerate: 13

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